What Is A Radio Frequency Treatment?

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jan 4 2020 / 18:10 PM

BAZAAR sits down with Shoreh Bagherian from Ivory Aesthetics Dubai, divulges all the details on the technologically-advanced treatment, anti-aging treatment

What Is A Radio Frequency Treatment?
Unsplash/Drew Graham

The 2010's saw the rise of a number of a full spectrum of highly-effective aesthetic treatments. From topical Hydrafacials to more invasive Mesotherapy and surgical procedures; the anti-aging industry boomed with anti-aging treatments becoming incresingly mainstream. 

On the dawn of a brand new decade, BAZAAR sits down with Shoreh Bagherian from Ivory Aesthetics Dubai, to get up to speed with the latest in non-invasive skincare treatments that give maximal results with minimal downtime. Of those, Radio Frequency, a skin tightening procedure that promises to activate the skins's collagen producing a long lasting facelift without needles is one of the biggest trends in the aesthetics industry at the moment, and Shoreh divulges all the details on the technologically-advanced treatment. 

How does Radio Frequency work and is it painful?

Radio Frequency is electromagnetic waves which is applied to face with aim to penetrates to deeper level, and helps to improve skin tone and structure, even lifting tissue and changing the collagen memory.

Is it painful?

Not painful at all but rather a pleasant treatment.

How does it generate natural collagen in the skin?

Radio Frequency works with ultrasound wave technique to stimulate collagen and elasticity to tighten and firm the sagging skin.

Should this treatment be done several times to see results?

Yes. For optimal results I recommend to my clients to have minimum of 5 sessions over the course of 5 weeks.

Can this work alongside another facial?

Yes, absolutely. You can achieve better results by combining Radio Frequency with collagen induction treatments such as Microneedling and Oxygen Infusion and it’s a great maintenance treatment after HIFU (High Intensity focused treatment).