Watch | How To Get A (Non-Surgical) Facelift

BY Brian Timmer / Nov 3 2019 / 10:58 AM

The founder of LMS Wellness, Dr Shawana Vali shares the latest in cosmetic dermatology and medical well-being; filling us in on how we won't need fillers with this advanced face-lift...

The 'Non Surgical Facelift' is the ninth installment of our 12 part beauty series, 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali' series.

In this ninth thread, filmed exclusively for Harper's Bazaar Arabia's YouTube Channel, our talented and informative beauty Doctor offers excellent advice for those seeking a quick and safe alternative to the nip and tuck.  

Discover the (not-so secret) secret technique that all of Hollywood is talking about and doing, quite literally in between takes, to achieve younger taughter looking skin.

Administered by a qualified and experienced dermatologist, the thread lift may just be the modern day version of the fountain of youth, minus the fountain.

Watch the video above as Dr Vali discusses the options for getting that fresh-faced look without actually having invasive irreversible surgery,  the bandaged post-op look is so 2000's!

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