Dr. Papageorgiou Of Harrod's Wellness Clinic Reveals The Latest In Anti-Aging Skincare And Treatments

BY Surena Chande / Oct 8 2019 / 14:30 PM

The esteemed skincare specialist speaks exclusively to Harper's BAZAAR Arabia on the best ways to combat aging and the most effective treatments available

Dr. Papageorgiou Of Harrod's Wellness Clinic Reveals The Latest In Anti-Aging Skincare And Treatments

A specialist in his field, Dr Costas Papageorgiou looks after clients at NYDG’s London headquarters at the Harrod’s Wellness Clinic. In a discussion with BAZAAR, he reveals the key ways to combat aging, the demise of facelifts in favour of minimally-invasive treatments, and how to nail your beauty regime with a step-by-step methodical approach.

The Wellness Clinic

HBA: What is the most popular facial at NYDG?

Dr. Papageorgiou: We have a wide range of facials, I would say the most popular is the triad and the Oxygenesis and Hydragenesis facials. We call them facials, but they are medical-grade treatments because they combine energy waves and technologies, lasers and infrared lights, along with multi-wavelength light to target redness and pigmentation.

The good thing is that we combine different technologies in a single session – three or four treatments, sometimes – and we can always customise these to the needs of the patient. So, if someone has a bit of redness after the treatment, we do an oxygen infusion with hyaluronic acid to calm the redness. It’s customised to their needs.

HBA: Do you feel like treatments such as the HydraGenesis facial are becoming increasingly popular over time?

Dr. P: Yes, technology is becoming more sophisticated, and patients are also becoming more aware. They don’t wait until they are 50 years old to work on anti-ageing. The ageing changes begin in the early- to mid- twenties. Optimising the skin elasticity and resilience from that age is the best approach, along with delaying the need for things like botox.

HBA: How important are beauty treatments, such as facials, and to your regime?

Dr. Papageorgiou: It is like your nutrition, if you pay attention to your food – what you eat and what you drink – the same should go for your skincare. I usually recommend five to six products, but there should be a logic to that: cleanse, exfoliate, stimulate, regenerate and then calm and soothe. It’s a multi-layer approach.

You also need to commit. I have patients who will spend one or two minutes on their skin each night, which is very poor. Ageing is like a daily fight, you have to be committed – I’m not saying go to extremes, but be committed to a good skincare regime. It’s the best investment you could do, because it’s going to pay off when you’re 50 or 60.

The aim with a good skincare regime is to optimise the skin textures and be able to go makeup-free. A lot of women get it wrong when they use too much makeup as camouflage, for example if you have acne work on optimising your skin rather than putting on makeup that dries your skin out and makes it worse. You’re going to end up looking younger. Work on the source of your skincare problems, rather than trying to mask them.

HBA: What do celebrities tend to opt for when they come to NYDG?

Dr. Papageorgiou: The HydraGenesis facial and the Oxygenesis facial, both have zero downtime so they can have the treatments the same day as a big event or the night before.

HBA: You specialise in minimally invasive treatments, so do you advise patients against getting treatments like injectables?

Dr. Papageorgiou: I think injectables are still minimally invasive as long as they are done correctly. I think hyaluronic acid is a great tool with injectables because it is a protein that supports the skin cells, you have it in creams and products. It’s how you use it – for example, with the same pair of scissors, you can get two different haircuts, it’s how you amend the tool to how you use it.

Things have changed and it’s not like before where you can either do nothing or have surgery if you want tweaks. You have an ultrasound energy device, which can target deeper layers of the skin like the muscle that can give you the effects of a mini facelift. Or you can contour the face with fillers, by enhancing the jawline, which can also give you the effects of a facelift. So now the final outcomes of non-invasive approaches can almost be on par with surgical procedures.

Surgery is not always the solution, you still need to optimise your skin quality with treatments and good skin care.

You still need to fine-tune with injectables, you still need botox to improve fine lines and raise the position of the eyebrows. Sometimes after surgery, you have to use non-invasive treatments to soften the effects of the surgery because it can look quite harsh.

HBA: Can clients come to you at NYDG if they aren’t sure exactly what they need, but they know they want some tweaks?

Dr. Papageorgiou: Yes, we have clients who come in for general advice, but they generally tend to have a focus on one area and they don’t see the bigger picture. The aim of the consultation process is opening your eyes to the 3D imaging – seeing your face three-dimensionally – and talking about the bigger picture of facial symmetry, why the lines are occurring and what the solution could be. Then, we create a plan.

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