Tried & Tested: Hydrating Clarins Facial, NikkiSpa

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jul 9 2019 / 14:20 PM

Youthful, gleaming skin without any redness or irritation

Tried & Tested: Hydrating Clarins Facial, NikkiSpa
NikkiSpa Entrance
The Entrance To Tranquil Bliss

You’d be forgiven for assuming the water fronted Nikki Beach Dubai was a five-star destination intended for poolside drinks and luxury staycations, however take a sharp right when you pull up to imposingly glamorous architecture and you will find yourself in a minimalist Mecca of health and wellbeing: NikkiSpa.

Nikkie Beach Dubai Spa Facial Review

Philosophized by a “Live the Vibes. Love the Recovery” mantra, the clean lines and tranquil furnishings of the reception have you breathing deeper before the warm and welcoming staff have had chance to greet you. While the Spa menu is as extensive as the experience is immersive, we opted for the Hydrating Clarins Facial. Once you’ve blanketed yourself in a luxurious robe, the skilled therapists will talk you through your skins needs and desired results to help fine tune the experience and products they use - every treatment is designed to be tailored to your skins exacting needs.

The treatment itself is a melting pot of skilled massage, dead skin removal and hydrating mask moisture, sound tracked to ambient music and a softly spoken explanation of the process. Blackhead removal and steam is a preferential extra that we opted for, however the lazing calm you will feel as the treatment progresses comes as standard.

NikkiBeach NikkiSpa Dubai Spa Facial Review

The resultant outcome? Our skin beamed with a soft, radiant glow usually reserved for 60-Watt light bulbs and if our demeanour were any more laid back we would have been horizontal. Wind down from the “strenuous experience” in the Ex Machina style lounge, where citrus heavy water and small cones of dried fruit and nuts are there to replenish.

Our verdict? Seventy two hours post treatment and our skin is still fresh and glowing from the facial and after care tricks and tips passed on to us.

Hydrating Clarins Facial, Dhs585 for 55 minutes.

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