Watch | How To Use Plastic Surgery To Contour Your Face

BY Brian Timmer / Sep 27 2019 / 17:22 PM

This week on 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali', the founder of LMS Wellness, Dr Shawana Vali, talks about how to surgically contour your face

'Facial Assessment and Contouring' is the first of 12 info-beauty episodes in our 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali' series. In this initial chapter, which is exclusively for Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Dr Vali offers informative and sound advice on the do's and do not's of fine tuning your features.

In our video Dr Vali takes her patient through a full 'gaze analysis' examination, which is a special technique that takes everything about the patient into account including such things as the alignment of the eyes, the definition of the jawline and contour of the cheekbones,  as well as considering the shape and look of the nose and cupid’s bow.   

Other considerations under contemplation are the condition and age of the skin and any previous surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, that may play into the patients overall appearance and which could affect the results of further cosmetic enhancement.

See how Dr Vali's approach to bringing symmetry to the face can be achieved.

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