The Definitive Guide To Doing A Salon-Worthy Blow Dry At Home

BY Sarah Joseph / Apr 9 2020 / 19:00 PM

The power of freshly blown-out strands knows no boundaries. Hairstylist Karl Warner shares his tips on how you can achieve a salon style blow-dry from the comforts of your home

The Definitive Guide To Doing A Salon-Worthy Blow Dry At Home

Having a hard time managing your tresses? A flawless blow-dry doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems. You can nail a professional-looking salon finish with a few straightforward steps – and all without a barrel brush in sight.

All you need is some insight from the expert himself, Karl Warner, who has been living in Dubai and working at Pastels Salon for the past three years. He’s sharing some tips and insider information to help you achieve the perfect blow-dry while you master the art of self-isolation at home.

Not only is he a master ofhair extensions he’s also the king of colour and can re-shape (and re-style) just about anyone’s hair – not to mention he’s genius when it comes to a big, bouncy blow-out.

Karl recommends getting these tools and products to achieve the required outcome: A blow-dryer, flat brunch, round brush, a comb, some grips/clips, the Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin range, heat protection cream, a mousse and a finishing serum such as Olaplex no. 7 and an all-in-one product such as Redken One United.

He shares two different techniques for creating both a bouncy blow-dry and a sleeker look with Bazaar below

How To Create A Voluminous, Bouncy Blow-Dry

Step One: Wash and Blast Dry

After applying shampoo and conditioner to the hair, roughly towel dry it and apply a golf-ball sized amount of mousse using a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute it. Blast dry the hair to 80% dry and do this upside down to create root lift using the paddle brush to smooth the hair.

Step Two: Sectioning

Start at the back and section the hair into three larger sections, do the same at each side (leave the front) so in the end you should have three larger sections on each side and one at the front with a total of 10 sections. Split each of these into two further smaller sections. Hold the heat on each section.  Wrap the hair around the round brush from the ends towards the scalp; once you have heated the hair up and it is dry, then use the cool shot button on your hair dryer to set it.

Step Three: Pincurls

Once the curl has been released, roll the curl back up on itself and use a Kirby grip to hold it into a pincurls. Leave the hair to set for 5-10 minutes in the set position.

Step Four: Apply Serum

Once you have taken the Kirby grips out, place a pea sized drop of the Olaplex serum into your hands and turn the head upside down. Run the serum through the hair and then stand up, shake the hair back and you are done!

How To Create A Sleek and Smooth Blowdry

Step One: Wash and Blast Dry

After you shampoo and condition the hair, towel dry it. Apply the Redken One United to the hair to detangle the hair and add suppleness. and use a flat brush to spread the products, then blast dry the hair to 80% dry in all different directions but not upside down as we don’t want much of a root lift.

Step Two: Sectioning

Once the hair is 80% dry and smooth, start at the back and section the hair into three larger sections. Do the same at each side (leave the front) so in the end you should have three larger section on each side and one at the front; finish 10 sections in all. Then, starting at the back and then the sides (leaving the front section till last), take each section in turn, and using the paddle/flat brush, smooth each section down to eliminate frizz.

Step Three: Use Heat Protection Spray

If at the end of your blowout the hair is still not smooth enough, use a flat iron but not before you place some heat protection spray into the hair. Again, section the hair and run the tool over each section in turn to get it supremely smooth.

Voila! You've have attained your desired final look with these simple set of instructions, courtesy of Karl and Pastels Salon

Fun fact: Pastels Salon is also a retail space with haircare products from L’Oreal, Kerastase, Redken, Olaplex and much more. Order online for delivery via the Pastels e-store on bgX.

Lead image courtesy of Jason Lloyd Evans. Valentino Couture Autumn/Winter 2018.

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