Tried & Test: The Nimue Deep Cleanse Facial At Pastels Salon

BY Milli Midwood / May 2 2019 / 19:21 PM

A must-try treatment for those with skin that can be frustratingly oily

Tried & Test: The Nimue Deep Cleanse Facial At Pastels Salon

If, like me, you’ve been not-so-blessed with pores the size of a small continent and over-sebaceous glands that mean your T-zone has a constant and unmanageable outpour of oil, then this is the facial for you. I headed to Al Wasl Road-based Pastels Salon to try the Nimue Facial, which promises to thoroughly and deeply cleanse and detox the skin using lots of lovely natural products.

The entrance to Pastels Salon, Al Wasl Road

On arrival, my therapist Aislinn met me at reception, showed me up to the private treatment room and sat down to have a quick chat about my skin concerns. Once we’d established that I was in dire need of a good extraction, I snuggled up on the treatment bed and swathed myself in what can only be described as a cloud-like blanket and pillow. Totally calm and comfortable, with sensual spa-like aromas circulating above, I lay back and let the relaxation ensue.

Unlike many, many therapists I have encountered in the UAE, who like to point out every flaw of your complexion and proceed to try and sell you every product under the sun, Aislinn was quick to comment on my skin strengths, leaving me feeling positive, propitious and prepared for 90-minutes of relaxation.

Aislinn started by cleansing my face and removing my make-up using the Nimue Cleansing Gel before applying the Exfoliating Enzyme solution all over and leaving for two minutes to soak in. After eight minutes of massaging the product into my skin, all dead skin cells had been gently removed and we were ready for the extraction – eek! It’s no secret that having someone poking, prodding and squeezing your face isn’t the most enjoyable part of the treatment, but as soon as it’s over and you can see the light through the proverbial trees, you can well and truly zone out and nod off.

I was so comfortable underneath that blanket - *stares longingly into the distance whilst dreaming of that blanket* - that I pretty much slept through the rest of the facial, but I awoke to a clean, fresh, healthy, plumped and vibrant complexion, thanks to a healthy dose of the Nimue Super Fluid (a powerfuly hydrating serum), Problematic TDS (a transdermal solution that repairs the skin barrier for enhanced product efficacy), and Clarifying Mask (which targets blackheads). We finished off the facial with a lick of SPF40 and a refreshing spritz of Nimue’s Vitamin C Moisture Mist and I was practically a new woman.

Best. Facial. Ever.