9 Quick And Simple Ways To Stay Fit On Vacation

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Sep 3 2017 / 13:38 PM

Now you've got that bikini body, here's how to keep it...

9 Quick And Simple Ways To Stay Fit On Vacation

While you might be more tempted to hit the pool than hit the gym, spending all your time on a sun lounger could be the quickest way to loosing the figure you've worked so hard to maintain. Celebrity trainer and co-founder of Equilibrium gym, Niko Algieri shares his top tips for staying in shape whilst you’re on holiday.

1.     Stay hydrated

Make sure you stock your hotel room with quality bottled water and have access to it throughout your holiday, drinking a surplus of water will take care of your skin, maintain your energy levels and brain functions. 

2.     Keep moving

Before you even think about the gym, think about how much you are moving in total throughout the day.  Laying on the sun lounger all day is bad for flexibility, mobility, maintaining muscle tone and of course, motivation.  Once you’re down, you're more than likely going to stay that way for the rest of the day. 

3.     Location, location, location

Hotel room workouts can be done but no one really wants to sweat and live in the same place for 2 or 3 weeks.  Identify where you can work out such as a hotel gym or pool area, if you really want to maintain your fitness, this is an important scouting process. 

4.     You are what you eat

This is they key to looking and feeling amazing whilst you’re away.  Eggs or Salmon are great start to the day and stave off hunger feelings for longer but remember to stay away from the pastries and too many fruits. Have a light salad and lean meat for lunch and then enjoy your evening meal. Watch those holiday carbs - no bread at dinner!

5.     Keep your workouts short and efficient

You want to enjoy your holiday as much as possible so keep your workouts down to a 5 minute mobility warmup, 20 mins of quality HIIT training and then a stretch to bring the muscles back to a resting state.  

6.     Find a training partner

If you’re away in a group or with your partner, rope them in to working out with you because if one of you lacks the motivation the chances are the other will get you going.

7.     Find the perfect time 

Commit to a time each day that’s the least intrusive to your holiday, from my experience, mornings are always best. The sun isn’t up, the gym is quiet (presumably), you can train then hit the breakfast buffet for a decent protein source.

8.     Pack your kit

It's a no-brainer but don’t forget your gym kit.  The amount of times I’ve prioritised what I’m wearing on the beach and in the evening and forgot my trainers and gym shorts…

9.     Find a soundtrack

Classically, hotel gyms are silent to avoid disrupting other guests.  Remember to pack your headphones as having your favourite workout tunes thumping in your ear drums will give you that burst of motivation that you need to complete the workout.

Bon voyage!