How To Not Feel Guilty About Christmas Calories

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Dec 24 2019 / 11:36 AM

We spoke to an expert

How To Not Feel Guilty About Christmas Calories

On a day where our plates our piled high with food and drinks are flowing like a faucet, overconsuming is almost inevitable. But often the joy can be taken out of indulging and we’re left feeling plagued with guilt simply for enjoying ourselves.

We spoke down to nutritionist and founder of Dubai-based gym The Den, Michael Sole, who shares his top three tips for a guilt-free Christmas.

A little maths can solve the problem…
“Let’s just clarify first that everything can be undone, especially the short term splurges and high calorie consuming periods. If you look at your overall calorie intake on a weekly, or even bi-weekly basis, what is the difference between what you eat typically, and what you have consumed during this period? Ok it doesn’t have to be gram for gram, I’m not expecting you to track your mince pies through MyFitnessPal, but you can get a rough idea of what you had on top of what you typically consume. If you want to get into the maths of it, you subtract the calories you had on top, or a simple way is to just rid the higher calorie sources from your diet for a week or so afterwards.”

Pre-prepare yourself...
“You will feel guilty if you haven’t prepared. It’s like anything when following an event, the “I wish I had done X instead of Y.” If you mentally prepare yourself prior, the feeling will be less impactful. Start to imagine yourself in that position of vulnerability and guilt, and when it comes to this unfolding you’ll be very much aware and in a more rational state to cope with it. You’ve all heard the “well I’ve gone this far, I might as well carry on....” malarkey. Don’t be that person.”

One day won’t ruin everything…
“Remind yourself this. You are not going to look back at this period of your life in six months to a years’ time, and point the finger to the more calorie dense foods you ate over a one to two week period as the cause for the way you look and feel.