How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals This Year, According To An Expert

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jan 14 2020 / 14:01 PM

BAZAAR sits down with Nyma Peracha, founder of BE MORE Fitness, to talk through her top tips on staying motivated to get fit in the new year and beyond

How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals This Year, According To An Expert

All of us have at some point set ourselves the goal of getting fitter in the new year, and almost all of us have at some point inveitably failed. And quite often, we've failed pretty miserably.

As personal trainer Nyma Peracha, founder of BE MORE Fitness, tells BAZAAR, "trying to get in shape is always initially extremely intimidating and overwhelming. Generally people either don’t know where to begin or they go in to aggressively and lose motivation to stick to their goals."

Nyma Peracha

So how do we actually set ourselves goals we know we're capable of reaching? We sat down with Nyma to get her top tips on staying in shape for the new year and beyond...

Focus on one month at a time.

Set yourself an achievable yet reasonably challenging goal which you hope to achieve within a month of commencing your fitness journey.

Befriend a fitness enthusiasts friend whom you can schedule workout sessions with.

This makes you more accountable and likely to stick to workouts.

Make sure your meals are ready for each day before the day starts.

This way you can “Grab and Go” without having to think twice about making an unhealthy choice. Always make sure your food for the week is either pre-prepped by yourself, or by someone you trust so that there is less chance of slipping up. 

Apply the 80/20 rule.

Eat clean and healthy 80 percent of the time, and then allow yourself a little room to indulge (within reason) 20 percent of the time. Being overly strict only leads to failure or depression.

Create a diet that suits your lifestyle.

No one diet works for every individual. If you are an early bird and love breakfast that create a diet and fitness plan that will allow you to eat a healthy yet delicious breakfast. Do not try and transform your body whilst also transforming your entire likes and dislikes. This becomes far too taxing on the mind as well as the body.

Surround yourself with encouraging friends.

Try and stay away from temptation where possible. I am not saying you should not socialise or meet your friends, but try to surround yourself with as many like minded people as possible. This will enable you to positively reinforce good habits and kick those bad habits.

Good sleep saves lives.

When embarking on a healthy lifestyle many people fail to account for the huge impact a good night's sleep plays on their mind and body. If you can make only one positive change this week, make it getting in more sleep.

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