Interview: Mariam Al Sayegh On Yoga, Motherhood And Owning Her Own Business At Just 25-Years Old

BY Naomi Chadderton / Aug 29 2019 / 17:25 PM

Founder of Abu Dhabi’s first ladies-only yoga space, The Studio, we spoke to the young Emirati about the ins-and-outs of her daily life as both a mother and a businesswoman.

Interview: Mariam Al Sayegh On Yoga, Motherhood And Owning Her Own Business At Just 25-Years Old
The Studio, Abu Dhabi

BAZAAR: Why did you decide to open The Studio in Abu Dhabi?
Mariam Al Sayegh: Opening The Studio has been one of the best decisions of my life - since discovering yoga during my university years, it has truly changed my life and when I returned to Abu Dhabi, I knew I had to share my experience and passion with others. The Studio came from a deep-rooted desire to help more women discover the benefits of yoga, and to build a supportive community that empowers women from all walks of life.

Mariam Al Sayegh

HBA: How important is yoga to your every-day life?
MAS: So important! With two small children and a business to run, I am so grateful to have yoga in my life. It's my favourite way to connect with my mind, body and soul, even if it's just 10 minutes of practice in the middle of a busy day. I find yoga so empowering - it helps me feel centered and ready to take on whatever the day throws at me!

HBA: Why do you think it's so important that women practice yoga and mindfulness?
MAS: I love seeing how yoga and mindfulness changes the lives of women who come to The Studio. No matter what your age or body type, the combination of yoga and mindfulness helps us escape the pressures of modern life and gives us the space and time to be kind to ourselves. Yoga can help us thrive in so many different ways because it connects us to our mind, body and soul in a unique, highly personal way.

The Studio, Abu Dhabi

HBA: How difficult do you find running a successful business at such a young age?
MAS: I think the key is to love what you do - it helps me get through challenges that come with running any business. I also have excellent team who are passionate, supportive and connected to our community - they are central to the success of The Studio. Together, we love supporting women to explore new ways of connecting with themselves, whether it's through swing yoga or reformer Pilates.

HBA: Can you tell us about the studio?
MAS: The Studio is my sanctuary in the heart of the city - I love walking through its doors into the calm, peaceful space. It instantly makes me feel more relaxed! We welcome women of all ages, sizes and body type, and we offer a range of yoga and Pilates classes, complemented by a programme of inspiring, specialist workshops. We also have our own line of smoothies called Studio Blends, for the perfect post-class energy boost!

HBA: Do you teach yoga yourself?
MAS: I do! After having my second child last year, I recently returned to teaching and am enjoying it so much. Connecting personally with our community of beginners and experienced yogis is such a privilege. My weekly Vinyasa Flow class is a highlight of my week!

The Studio, Abu Dhabi

HBA: If you weren't running a yoga studio, what you be your other dream job?
MAS: Great question! I studied Industrial Engineering and specialised in Healthcare; before I set up The Studio, I worked at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. It's interesting to think about now - the worlds of healthcare and wellness are not totally dissimilar - you could say I am passionate about helping people to be healthy. So my other dream job would definitely be in a hospital or healthcare facility.

HBA: Do you have plans to open any more branches?
MAS: We are really focused on building our Abu Dhabi community at the moment; the response since we opened in 2017 has been incredible and we want to continue bringing together women from across the city to discover the joy of yoga and movement. Ask me again in another year!

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