Amna Al Habtoor's Arcadia Has Just Introduced A Decadent New Perfume

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Mar 9 2020 / 10:48 AM

The new scent was launched to mark the opening of the brand's flagship store in Dubai

Amna Al Habtoor's Arcadia Has Just Introduced A Decadent New Perfume

Dubai’s most stylish perfumery has launched a new fragrance to celebrate the opening of its flagship store in Dar al Wasl. The new signature scent is called ‘Bounded’, inspired by the heritage of the Gulf and built around a narrative of returning to one’s roots. The limited-edition exclusive is a lush perfume combining floral scents such as rose and carnation with smokier notes of amber, oud and saffron.

arcadia bounded

Arcadia's new signature scent, Bounded

Established in 2018, Arcadia stands out among other brands in the region for creating unisex scents that transcend gender and cultural boundaries. The store is also unique for its commitment to environment-friendly craft, as their products are all cruelty, paraben and chemical-free and packaged with locally-sourced sustainable materials. Arcadia’s owner and pioneer perfume creator Amna Al Habtoor was present at the inauguration of the flagship store, personally taking guests through the journey of the boutique perfumery.


The flagship store at Dar al Wasl

Speaking about her vision for the brand, Amna Al Habtoor said, “Our goal has always been to introduce people to an innovative way of experiencing perfume - our fragrances are created based on memories and nostalgia and come with a unique narrative that’s relatable to each and every customer.” Located in Dubai’s premium retail and culinary hotspot, the flagship store represents their first step towards becoming a global brand. With their distinct style and modern flair, Arcadia is sure to take the world by storm.

Images courtesy of Arcadia.