Omayma Boumeshouli On Natural Skincare, Flight Essentials And The Importance Of An Eco-Friendly Diet

BY Jade Chilton / Feb 15 2020 / 11:32 AM

The 27-year old Dutch-Moroccan fashion mogul reveals her love of Moroccan beauty products and her non-negotiables when it comes to injectable treatments

Omayma Boumeshouli On Natural Skincare, Flight Essentials And The Importance Of An Eco-Friendly Diet


Favourite make-up brand: “I fell in love with Chanel beauty when I spotted the beautiful packaging in my aunt’s bathroom when I was young. When I was old enough to afford to buy my own, I fell in love with the products.”

Foundation: “Chanel Les Beiges Eau de Teint (Dhs227) is super refreshing and gives a natural glow. It’s like applying water to my face.”

Chanel Les Beiges Eau de Teint, Dhs227

Mascara: “Burberry Beauty Curve Lash Mascara (Dhs100) is the one.”

Burberry Beauty Curve Lash Mascara, Dhs100

Signature scent: “Chanel No5 (Dhs450) will always be my favourite scent. I love it, from the bottle to the ingredients; it’s an iconic perfume that will never go out of style.”

Chanel No5 (Dhs450

Make-up hack: “When I’m after a glossy eye look I apply Bobbi Brown lip tint in Bare Pink (Dhs160) on my eyelids.”

Bobbi Brown lip tint in Bare Pink, Dhs160


Go-to hairstylist: “My mum!”

Schedule: “I cut my ends every month and get it coloured twice a year. I tend to do the opposite than most people and go lighter in winter and darker during summertime.”

Styling secret: “When I’m after a wavy style I apply Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Styling Oil No5 (Dhs152) on wet hair. I love the effect of my hair when it dries naturally.”

Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Styling Oil No5, Dhs152

Treatments: “Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector (Dhs100) is my go-to for hair recovery. I tried the treatment a couple of years ago when I first bleached my hair and my hair was left undamaged.”

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, Dhs100

Go-to products: “I’m from Moroccan origins so I love to make hair masks with argan oil, honey and banana — it leaves my hair smooth and smells really nice.”

On-duty hair look: “I like to look chic for a shoot day so I wear my hair straight. Because of my naturally curly hair, my bob tends to turn wavy as the day goes on, which I like.”


Skincare routine: “I religiously apply Oskia Smart-Nutrient Beauty capsules (Dhs310) every morning and evening after I cleanse my face with Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil (Dhs205) using a Moroccan washcloth.”

Oskia Smart-Nutrient Beauty capsules, Dhs310

Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil, Dhs205

Go-to product for skin emergencies: “I mix Moroccan black soap with sugar and use it as a scrub for my face. I follow that with a couple of drops of argan oil and my skin looks reborn.”

Flight essentials: “I always travel with the La Mer Revitalizing Renewal travel set (Dhs1,200) which includes cream, oil — great for an instant glow — cleansing foam and a leave-on mask. It’s a routine I always follow when I’m on the plane. I also make sure to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.”

Miracle product: “Coconut oil, especially after sunbathing, it’s honestly the best thing I can put on my body.”

Nail polish pick: “A crisp white manicure at Tips & Toes.”


Attitude to injectables: “I’m not a fan. I’ve never injected anything and I don’t think I ever will. My personal manifesto is to try and accept who I am and learn to love myself. I’m not saying that people who do it don’t love themselves or it’s bad — at the end of the day I think everyone should do whatever makes them feel happy.”


Diet: “I try to eat a lactose-free and no-meat diet. With the global climate crisis I think we should all eat more plant-based food.” 

From Harper's BAZAAR Arabia February 2020 Issue