9 Things We Learned From Episode Two of Huda Boss

BY Jessica Young / Jun 20 2018 / 13:49 PM

Huda confronts a one million (make that two million) dollar mishap

9 Things We Learned From Episode Two of Huda Boss

In the second episode of Huda Boss on Facebook Watch, we learn the fate of a faulty concealer, how that makes Huda feel, and more moments that make Huda Beauty a family affair.

Apparently, concealer is really hard to make…
The beauty product we take for granted every day is quite complicated to formulate as we have many tones within our complexion as well as it needs to hold up to wrinkles, facial movement, and dark circles. Who knew?

Huda Boss Dubai To LA

Huda has a rental property in L.A….
Does that mean the Dubai mogul will eventually relocate? We hope not.

Huda Boss Luggage

Huda transports her own luggage. And there’s a lot…
Given that generally, one can get away with not carrying a thing in Dubai, we love that Huda and her family handle their own baggage up the stairs and all.

Coffee and Huda do not mix well…
The Arabic favourite is a no-go for Huda Kattan as according to Mona (while she dumps Huda’s coffee in the sink), it makes her sister ‘overly aggressive and she’s already an alpha female.’

The concealer gets canned…
In a stressful car ride with her sister, Huda gets a call from Emaan, Huda Beauty’s Product Development Manager, updating her about the concealer status. It’s not good news. At the end, the concealer will cost the company close to $2 million. Cringe. The upside? At least we know that Huda stands by her products and demands quality.

Huda Boss Nour

Nour has her own personal sense of style. And it’s adorable…
Why play dress up with mum’s clothes when you can play dress up with dad’s clothes? Huda’s daughter plays a round of tennis wearing what is clearly an adult-sized T-shirt and pants. While it looks like a challenging getup for running around the court, we can get behind her fashion experimentation and individuality.

Ibrahim Kattan, Huda’s father, has three Master’s degrees and a PhD.
But, he acknowledges that he’s not qualified to be a receptionist. Hey, coordinating Huda’s crazy work schedule is harder than you think.

Huda Boss Too Faced

Spoiler Alert: Huda Beauty and Too Faced to collaborate…
And they’re looking to you to tell them what to do. Don’t forget to comment on the Facebook Watch video to suggest your dream beauty collaboration.

Huda Boss Car 2

Huda claims to not have many friends.
She also admits that it’s difficult for her to ask for help. Throughout the episode, it’s clear that work-life balance is a challenge facing Huda as the CEO of her own brand, a wife, and a mother. In a tearful hear-to-heart with her sister, she reveals her true feelings about juggling it all. So many women experience the same thing—we support you, Huda!


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