Hair Tinsel Is The New Beauty Trend Taking The Holiday Season By Storm

BY Milli Midwood / Nov 26 2019 / 19:56 PM

And we’ve found a UAE salon offering it

Hair Tinsel Is The New Beauty Trend Taking The Holiday Season By Storm
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Of course Queen Bey was the first to tackle the trend

First came the glitter roots, then came a smattering of sparkly ponytails. But twinkling hair trends that were once reserved for festival goers has transcended the deserts of Coachella and muddy fields of Glastonbury, and shimmied their way into autumn/winter, just in time for the holiday season.

Hair tinsel is the latest beauty trend set to take this Christmas by storm. We caught up with Tips & Toes’ hair stylist who reveal everything you need to know about Instagram’s most festive fro.

How does hair tinsel work?
“Hair tinsel is created by thin a glitter thread that is tied into the hair in different sections close to the scalp.”

How long does it last?
“Anywhere between a few days up to two weeks, depending on how well you take care of it. Brush gently and don’t tug on strands.”

Can I still use hot appliances on my hair?
“The threads are made from made from polyester, which can withstand a certain amount of heat, so you can still use your curling tongues or straighteners.”

What’s the best way to style my hair afterwards?
Loose, romantic curls are a great option as the glitter threads will shine softly as they peep through the curls. We also love a super sleek ponytail.”

Where can I get hair tinsel in the UAE?
At any Tips & Toes branch for Dhs40 per piece.