Inside The Huda Boss Season 2 Premiere Event

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 10 2019 / 12:05 PM

Giant setting sprays, a red carpet, and popcorn, are just some of the glamorous details from last nights event...

Inside The Huda Boss Season 2 Premiere Event

Giant setting sprays, a red carpet, and popcorn with the Huda Boss logo printed on the front... It's safe to say that Huda Boss' Season 2 Premiere event was all kinds of extra - and we cannot stop talking about it! Last night saw a very, glamourous, 'grammable event in celebration of the Second Season of Huda Kattan's popular reality show, Huda Boss. The new seasons of the reality series continues its focus on the Middle East's most famous sister duo, tracking the ups & downs of their life as they continue to expand their beauty empire, and of course; make-up that slays. Hosted at La Cantine du Faubourg in Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai - the event showcased classic 'Dubaian' luxury. Well-co-ordinated and stylish outfits graced the Huda Boss red carpet by fans, community and content creators; faces of makeup were set, highlighted and glowing. We expect nothing less from a Huda-event.

The celebration included a makeup station with boudoir lights and Huda Beauty makeup artists, who were armed with brand's latest products for guests to try. But that wasn't all. A miniature Huda Beauty office was set up for photo opps, decorated in exactly the same way as the Iraqi-American's own personal desk - attendees were able to play the role of beauty entrepreneur by just sitting in those miniature seats. And, finally, to top it all off, a set dripping in gold was available for photoshoots for all attendee's and the Kattan sisters. Let's not forget the part where a golden bathtub was placed in the centre of this set for influencers to really live out their glam-dreams. As photogenic as the event was, it's purpose and core reason of being held was for the Huda Boss Facebook Watch series. As the first Middle Eastern entrepreneur to have a show on Facebook Watch, Huda Kattan continues to shatter standards in the Middle Eastern beauty industry. 

MC'ed by morning talk show host, Kris Fade, the event became ever more lively. Speeches were given by Facebook Watch's team and marketing managers as they introduced the highly anticipated episodes of Huda Boss' new season. Huda & Mona Kattan joined attendee's in the front row of the beauty-inspired mini-cinema looking every bit the superstars that they are.

We can now proudly say that we Netflix and Chilled (or Facebook Watch and Chilled) with Huda and Mona Kattan! The Season two episode was filled with business-like-drama, including the neon palette photoshoot, Huda and Mona's disagreement's on the younger sister's fiance, and some really cute cameo shots of Huda's daughter, Nour Giselle. A day in the life. 

While the event was all glitz and glam, the Kattan sisters were very down-to-earth and discussed with attendee's the struggles of having such a public life. As well as the difficulties they face as female, Arabic entrepreneurs. BAZAAR's former cover star, Huda Kattan, is known for championing other women and wanting to empower others, we got to see this on stage as the sister's partook in a Q&A. Now we can definitely say that we can't wait for Huda Boss Season Three. 

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