Here’s Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty Campaign

BY Delara Zand / Jul 8 2019 / 18:49 PM

The singer is receiving praise for unretouched photos used in the debut campaign for her make-up line

Here’s Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty Campaign

If there’s one thing we know about the multitalented queen of pop, it’s that she keeps it real, and encourages us all to do the same. 

Gaga hinted that she was making her first foray into the beauty world back in 2018, after she trademarked the name 'Haus Beauty' for a whole range of beauty products. Fans also uncovered an as yet unused Haus Laboratories YouTube channel, which will no doubt be set in motion once the hotly anticipated make-up line drops.

This week, what appear to be Haus Beauty's first few promo shots were leaked, and fans already can't get enough. Not only is Gaga herself pictured alongside several models, sporting dramatic eye make-up, but the images appear to be relatively unedited (in a beauty campaign? No way! Imagine!). Fans took to Instagram to express their delight, praising the popstar for proudly showcasing her natural skin and giving an authentic and refreshingly Photoshop-free glimpse of how the applied makeup might look. 

We don't have exact details yet, but we hear that the cosmetics line offers everything you could possibly need: skincare products, eye makeup, lip products, perfumes and even nail polish. We’re going to start saving up now.