Here’s Why We Can’t Wait To Get This Perfume On Our Wrists

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / May 30 2019 / 20:27 PM

Nabeel Perfumes has launched a new scent inspired by Dubai

Here’s Why We Can’t Wait To Get This Perfume On Our Wrists
Courtesy of Razna Khutan

 A brand new fragrance, inspired by the evolving story of Dubai and its incredible legacy, has been added to Nabeel Perfume’s ultra-niche collection, The Spirit of Dubai.

Coming hot on the heels of the luxury brand’s SHUMUKH – a one-of-a-kind bejewelled perfume masterpiece that was unveiled amidst much fanfare earlier this year - is Dubai Turath.

Dubai Turath 100ml

Turath, meaning 'legacy' in Arabic, expertly combines scintillating notes of the city’s ancient traditions, heritage and rituals with its modern, cutting-edge and forward-thinking culture. 

The unisex scent encompasses the essence of jasmine and sweetness of vanilla, blended with the more earthy notes of patchouli and leather, and all enhanced by the muskiness of ambergris and smoky flavours.

Dubai Turath 50ml

Best news? It’s available just in time for Eid.

Dubai Turath 50ml, Dhs1,045; Dubai Turath 100ml, Dhs1,355