The Kardashian Sisters Just Released New KKW Fragrances Together

BY Milli Midwood / Oct 31 2019 / 10:26 AM

This is the first time that Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have collaborated for KKW Beauty

The Kardashian Sisters Just Released New KKW Fragrances Together

For her latest beauty launch, Kim Kardashian West has enlisted the help of sisters Kourtney and Khloe to release three individual fragrances that represent the personality of each sister.

Launching on 8 November, The Diamond Collection is a set of three perfumes, which come in pink, gold and silver.

"Creating the KKW Fragrance Diamonds Collection with Kim and Kourtney was so inspiring. I wanted to create a fragrance that feels feminine, sexy and strong when I wear it.," Khloe wrote on Instagram. "It’s such a dreamy scent with a mix of sweet florals and musk that can be worn from day to night. I’ve been wearing this non-stop and love it more and more every day."

The two sisters excitedly shared their own fragrance on social media, too.

“I love love my KKW Fragrance Diamond by Me!,” writes Khloe. “A transparent floral bouquet featuring notes of cloud musks, pink sapphire tuberose and blushing jasmine.”

Kourtney also took to Instagram to express how much she loves working with her sisters. “Working with my sisters for this collection was nostalgic. Fragrance is so personal, so being able to create my own scent from start to finish was an exciting experience. I wanted to create a vibrant one that matches my classic, playful vibe. The combination of Golden Berries, Jasmine and Vanilla is refreshing.”