Should You Invest In A Jade Roller?

BY Hana Barhoush Dalloul / Feb 18 2020 / 11:02 AM

Jade rollers seem to have taken over our social feeds. The nifty looking skincare tool is all the rage with beauty aficionados across the world. But do they actually work? BAZAAR enlists the help of dermatologist Dr Lana Kashlan of CosmeSurge to shed some light on the viral tool...

Should You Invest In A Jade Roller?

Jade rollers are beauty tools that look like mini paint brushes with a jade or quartz stone on the end. Typically, they feature a smaller end on one side for use around the eyes and mouth, while the larger end is ideal for the jawline and forehead.

The idea is that with consistent use, similar to facial massaging, they will brighten skin, reduce swelling or inflammation, help in smoothing lines and prep skin so that nourishing products can be better absorbed.

When asked about the benefits of jade rollers from a medical perspective, dermatologist Dr. Lana Kashlan states that, “Fibroplasts, the cells that produce collagen are stimulated by mechanical pressure so it stands to reason that the physical pressure of jade rolling or facial massage will help to boost collagen production."

"Additionally, the massage component will improve circulation to the skin which means enhanced removal of toxins and lymphatic drainage so you’ll see a decrease in facial puffiness when you use a jade roller regularly,” adds Dr. Kashlan. And the question we all want to ask: so do they work? Dr. Kashlan says yes although the exact extent of their benefits is yet to be determined. 

Thinking of investing in a jade roller? Then here are a couple of tips to keep in mind...

  • Always make sure the roller is clean before use to avoid bacteria buildup on the skin
  • Pop it into to the fridge for a few minutes, the cooling sensation not only feels good but is also beneficial for soothing skin and tightening pores
  • Always massage gently to avoid damaging skin

"My general advice for patients is that if they enjoy the ritual of skincare, the pampering indulgence of multiple steps, then incorporating a jade roller can be beneficial," says Dr. Kashlan. "But if you’re someone who can barely remember to put on sunscreen, then don’t stress because we don’t have enough evidence to make it a skincare must.”

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