Meet 'The Happiness Doctor' - The Dubai-Based Wellness Expert Who Is Key To Stress Relief

BY Kelly Johnstone / Jun 12 2019 / 20:09 PM

Let the Happiness Doctor calm your chakras

Meet 'The Happiness Doctor' - The Dubai-Based Wellness Expert Who Is Key To Stress Relief

If you haven’t jumped on the mindfulness bandwagon yet, firstly, where have you been? But more importantly, now is definitely the time to rectify that. Rixos, The Palm is all about banishing stress and restoring a sense of serenity to the soul. BAZAAR finds out how…

After carrying out a hi-tech chakra analysis, Dr Smitha Prabhakar – a.k.a. The Happiness Doctor - is able to accurately evaluate your stress index (sky-high) and anybody energy blockages that may exist (the cause of these barriers can be related to something that happened when you were in utero apparently) and provide holistic solutions to restoring balance and regaining energy.

 Dr Smitha doing the chakra analysis 

A simple machine, not dissimilar to the finger-prints device used as part of the UAE visa application process, reads the current state of your aura and from that Dr Smitha is able to ascertain the correct treatment required for the next part of your healing journey.

Lying face up on a bed, covered with a fluffy blanket, Dr Smitha begins by telling you to verbalise anything that may be causing you angst in your life, before proceeding to whisper incoherently under her breath whilst putting pressure on various spots on your head.

An order to concentrate on a tiny inner you, surrounded by a bright light comes next – along with more head holding - but then it gets a little hazy as a feeling of sleepiness washes over you, that’s impossible to ignore.

Anjana Spa Treatment Room

The end comes abruptly and a sense of reluctance, similar to that you get when an indulgent massage is over, takes hold.

Back at the machine, chakras are re-read to determine the effects of Dr Smitha’s magic hands and, true to her promise, the little coloured dots that signify the various internal energies are visibly more aligned on the screen.

A glass of water created with just the right amount of alkaline to be beneficial and infused with cucumbers brings the treatment to a close.
With such positive references from previous clients saying that Dr Smitha has changed their lives it’s no wonder getting an appointment is tricky, but keep trying, because you’re worth it.

So keep calm and re-balance the chakras!

The Detox Package includes A wellness consultation, Energy Meridian Analysis (before and after), Energy Therapy Treatment and Alkaline Detox Water.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: Dhs1,300