In Review: The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Dubai

BY Emily Baxter-Priest / May 14 2019 / 17:54 PM

An urban oasis in the heart of the city where time stands still

In Review: The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Dubai
The Ritz-Carlton Spa


Jumeirah Beach Residence has long-enticed beach-loving tourists, but those in the know segue their way to the Ritz-Carlton Dubai for a more refined and bucolic urban adventure. The hotel itself is quietly grand - it whispers, rather than shouts - whilst its spa is the perfect blend of Arabian tradition and contemporary elegance - all muted tan tones and glittering golds. Arrive early for your treatment to ensure time is pre-spent sweating it out in the eucalyptus-infused steam room or lounging in the lap pool before dipping in and out of the hot and cold plunge pools.

The spa houses 12 different treatment rooms - with three private rooms boasting their own terrace - each designed with a ‘maximum luxury, minimum distraction’ ethos in mind to allow the treatments to take precedent. Tranquility is certainly an overriding factor here, enabling guests to feel worlds away from the cacophonous metropolis outside. Peace reigns supreme. 


There are over 40 face and body treatments to select from, with the 60-minute Stress Relief Massage a favourite for its ability to unkink, stretch and unwind even the most burdened minds and bodies. The treatment itself is a cross between a deep-tissue and a relaxation massage, with its combined focus on movement around over-stressed muscles, gentle kneading on tension areas and the sweeping, more relaxed effects of stretching out tense limbs.

Pressure generally starts moderately strong which makes it more relaxing, but for those wanting to really eke out tension, a heavier hand will do the work. 60 minutes goes by in a heartbeat, so we’d suggest the full 90-minute massage to truly enable your therapist to rework and retune your body and allow you to walk away fully revitalised. Once over, and you’ve woken from your reverie in the spa’s relaxation room, the beautiful hotel itself awaits, as any treatment of 60-minutes or more allows guests full access to the hotel’s facilities, pools and beach. Few places in Dubai offer sunset views quite like the Ritz-Carlton Dubai, offering restorative powers for mind, body and soul.


An indulgent treat in the heart of a tranquil urban oasis that ensures you leave feeling stretched, restored and truly revitalised.

The Ritz Carlton Spa, Dubai