8 Tips For Curating The Perfect Playlist For Your Wedding

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Aug 27 2019 / 13:47 PM

Allow BAZAAR to assist with a playlist that's guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor

8 Tips For Curating The Perfect Playlist For Your Wedding
Harper's BAZAAR Bride

Weddings have become a year round affair – with planning and preparation going on months before the actual wedding itself. One of the most important aspect of a wedding function is the music. It ties all the emotions and people together to build the atmosphere of the event.

Below are a few tips courtesy of Karim Barkouki, Dubai's in-demand DJ specializing in weddings, to help curate the perfect playlist for your wedding.

1. The perfect wedding playlist is a list of songs that aims at getting all age groups of different nationalities on the dance floor.

2. Understanding the demographic aspect of the evening is key!

3. Ask your family members, siblings and close friends to give you a few of their favorite hits in addition to your top jams. Don't make the mistake of thinking of your hits only. After all, it is a party. Take into consideration what both sides of the crowd would potentially enjoy.

4. Old is gold. Old school hits will not only get the parents grooving, it's also a common dance floor breaker

5. Make them sing! Radio hits and classics can create the right noise.

6. Take it back to your roots. Always involve cultural classics into your wedding evening

7. Don't stress yourself with the playlist if you're hiring a professional wedding DJ, make sure you communicate your preferences with the DJ to be in-line with the music choice.

8. No matter how perfect your list seems to be, during the night, an experienced DJ should be able to read the crowd and play songs he or she feels is necessary to get the party going

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