A First Look At Rene Caovilla's Breathtaking 2020 Bridal Collection

BY Lara Bazzoui / Jan 14 2020 / 12:56 PM

Bridal footwear doesn't get dreamier than this...

A First Look At Rene Caovilla's Breathtaking 2020 Bridal Collection
Rene Caovilla

Usually, when brides are in hysterics about their wedding day, it's due to the urgency of finding the perfect dress or stunning location. But, as most brides probably come to realise, it's the shoes can make or break of the entire look. It's the crucial finishing touch that adds the grace and sophistication with the perfect balance of glamour and mystery.

Thankfully, hopeful bride-to-be's are in luck this season, as Rene Caovilla have just launched their new 2020 bridal collection - and it's safe to say, we are in love. From sling backs, decollates, sandals and more, you'll have the option to pick what increases your heart beat to a level that perhaps even your fiancé can’t quite reach. The collection gives us transparent lace, lushes satin, blindingly gleaming crystals, and some floral motifs all applied with the most excellent artistry and care, embodying the true meaning of romanticism.

Each style of shoe has been injected with precision and movement, making the final outcome a truly beautiful and angelic vision. A choice of how high you want the heels to be is also specifically catered for in this collection, so you needn't fret about your ongoing anxiety of tripping up as you walk down the aisle being the barrier to finding your dream shoes.You can find many different styles and designs equally as fabulous that ticks all your boxes but with a lower heel.

This is rare, we know.

Each shoe is crafted by hand and designed with a vision to highlight and enhance the female figure and to ensure that the bride is feeling as beautiful and confident as possible. These heavenly shoes do answer the forever asked question – is fashion art? One glance and the answer is yes.

They aren’t just the shoes on your wedding day, they are walking pieces of art.

All images courtesy of Rene Caovilla