Dior Is Producing Medical Masks In Fight Against Coronavirus

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Apr 1 2020 / 11:14 AM

The French fashion house is using its production centres to help all those on the front line, by producing necessarily supplies

Dior Is Producing Medical Masks In Fight Against Coronavirus
Courtesy of Dior

The latest couture house to join the fight against the novel coronavirus is Dior. The French luxury label has repurposed its Baby Dior ateliers in Redon to contribute in the production of medical masks.

According to a spokesperson for the brand Dior is “actively committed to aiding and protecting all those who are on the front line every day.”

The masks are stitched on a volunteer basis by the famed ‘petite mains’, the French seamstresses who traditionally work behind the scenes to create the intricate craftsmanship that make high-end designer items stand out.

Dior’s production centres had already begun making hydroalcoholic gel for sanitisation, and the products were delivered free of charge to the AP-HP, Paris’ public hospital network.

The campaign #DiorStandsWithYou is one of many campaigns launched by fashion houses to raise awareness, help the strained France healthcare system and other hard hit European nations. 

Lead image courtesy of Dior.