Khaled Hosseini’s Kite Runner Is Coming To The Dubai Opera

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Feb 26 2020 / 20:51 PM

The best-selling novel has captured the hearts of many, and now the play is coming for you too

Khaled Hosseini’s Kite Runner Is Coming To The Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera is opening its doors this weekend for the theatrical adaptation of the profoundly moving story of The Kite Runner, marking its first show outside of Europe. The culturally diverse and rich adaptation brings to life the best-selling novel that stole the heart of millions of readers worldwide.

The play takes the audience on the journey of young Amir and Hassan as they navigate through their struggles with immigration and migration, the heavy burden of guilt, redemption, and forgiveness. One overarching theme is the young boys' different kinds of love; love for parents and children, love for spouses, love for their country Afghanistan, and most evidently, their love for each other. 

The production is expected to give a real sense of the Afghani culture, as the director Matthew Spangler claimed: “We hold it as a matter of principle to represent the rich and complex Afghani culture with dignity and truthfulness, and that has been an important part of this production’s success.”

The timeless tearjerker tells the story of humanity, not just the story of Afghanistan. It portrays the journey of one young man between two cultures and holds audiences captivated while the consequences of his rash decisions unfold, all while humanizing stories of refugees all over the world. The immersive theatrical experience has been renowned for its rich musical score and other incredible experiences that transport us into the heartfelt world of The Kite Runner.

Anyone who knows the story knows not to miss this magnificent production, and anyone who doesn’t know the story has a chance to experience The Kite Runner as never seen before in the Middle East. The Dubai Opera House will only be showing it from February 27 to February 29, so clear your schedule because it is one you don't want to miss.

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