TikTok Had To Delete Kendall Jenner’s Verified Account

BY Rohma Theunissen / Feb 6 2020 / 11:07 AM

The social media platform accidentally gave the coveted "verified" checkmark to a fake account pretending to be the 24-year-old-model

TikTok Had To Delete Kendall Jenner’s Verified Account

Less than 24 hours after the account was launched, social media platform TikTok was forced to remove Kendall Jenner’s verified account as it was a fake. The account, which was awarded TikTok’s coveted verified checkmark, went viral from within hours of its launch, amassing over half a million followers in under two hours.

The account had posted two videos of the model within the time it was active: one was of Kendall posing in front of a mirror to the tune of King Staccz’s “Pretty Face” and another video of her dancing in slo-mo to the beat of Lonr’s “Slow Zone”.

According to Business Insider, the videos were reportedly old content that was previously shared by the model via Instastories in 2019. Kendall’s bathroom mirror video was first seen on her stories in October whilst the dancing video has been traced back to June.

The details of how the account was classified as “verified” by TikTok is not clear but the implications of one being awarded to a fake celebrity account are a cause for concern for the burgeoning social media platform. Although TikTok does have steps in place to confirm that high-profile accounts do infact belong to the people they represent, the exact details of the vetting process have not been specified but misidentifying the world’s highest earning supermodel’s authenticity has certainly raised eyebrows.

Kendall Jenner has yet to comment on the incident but you can be sure we will be keeping a close eye on the developments. Watch this space…