The UAE Has Set Up A Dedicated Medical Facility To Combat Coronavirus

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Feb 27 2020 / 13:49 PM

The Ministry of Health says that they are taking all preparatory measures to deal with the epidemic should an emergency arise

The UAE Has Set Up A Dedicated Medical Facility To Combat Coronavirus

The UAE is creating a new medical facility to house coronavirus patients in the event of a global emergency, according to an announcement by the Minister of Health and Prevention.

In a statement to the press, Minister Abdul Rahman al Owais said, “Thanks to the UAE’s wise leadership, the authorities responsible for the health sector have completed all the technical, medical and logistical preparations required to set up the medical facility far away from residential areas so that the affected can be accommodated in isolation and treatment provided.” He confirmed that the facility would be able to accommodate as many cases as needed during the mandatory two-week quarantine period.

The WHO has declared the novel coronavirus, called CoVID-19, a global health emergency since its spread began from Hubei province in China. Flights to China have been suspended, while incoming passengers from other affected areas like South Korea and Japan are being screened extensively. Most recently, the UAE issued a travel advisory regarding travel to Italy after a rise in the number of cases. In the Middle East, Iran and Bahrain have reported the highest number of cases. However, the health minister has assured UAE residents that strong preventative measures are in place and urged them not to panic.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority has announced that currently public events will not be cancelled due to coronavirus; preparations for Expo 2020, which will be hosted by Dubai in October, will carry on as planned.

Lead image courtesy of Pexels.