3MOMS Collaborates With Joelle Mardinian For An Exclusive New Décor Collection

BY Athwifa Saleem / Feb 27 2020 / 15:08 PM

Turkish custom-made interiors design brand 3MOMS, specializing in children’s room décor will be collaborating with influencer and blogger Joelle Maridian in celebration of their upcoming furniture collection at Bloomingdales Homes

3MOMS Collaborates With Joelle Mardinian For An Exclusive New Décor Collection
Images courtesy of 3MOMS

3MOMS, founded by Alara Kocibey, Tuvana Buyukcinar and Emine Kutuktheir started the journey for creating childhood fantasy lands and dreams inspired by the ultimate goal of creating fairy-tales for their most precious children. These mothers, from the struggle to have THE PERFECT rooms for their new-born, were inspired to embark on a journey of bringing fantasies into real life or rather turning real lives into fantasies.

An example of 3MOMS adorable take  on gender neutral room decor

“We realised there was no-one to turn to who could deliver a turnkey project that would fulfil our dreams. The best inventions are created out of necessity as they say – and so the 3MOMS story began.” remarked the founders.

The meticulous design process is self-explanatory of their success in achieving their vision. To create the most imaginative and creative rooms for their respective clients, 3MOMS works with many experts, including child psychologists, to curate designs that hold valuable meaning and encourage learning. And when it comes to bespoke room decor, 3MOMS always considers a child’s character and personality, as well as the family’s circumstances, before creating a space.

Girl's Room Decor 

Depending on the client’s needs, accent colours are also recommended for various accessories in the room to create the ‘wow’ effect and give the kids a fun and creative area. Since neutral colours enable rooms to have a longer life, the particular colour palette has been 3MOMS pick for most projects and décor collection.

Gender Neutral Room Decor

“The rooms grow and evolve with the youngsters, which helps parents to keep the furniture for a long period,” says the founders, “Neutral colours also enable us to easily modify the room design as the child grows, adding just a couple of accent pieces mixed and matched with new objects,” says the founders.

Boys Room Decor

3MOMS recent collaboration with celebrity blogger Joelle Mardinian resulted in the brand’s next exclusive project, designing the blogger’s space for her teenage daughter. “Her eye for design truly inspired us,” remarked the designer team, “Her daughter Ella is at the transition stage to her teenage years, and she too has an amazing eye for design and the arts – so who better to understand her needs than us? It was just a perfect match.”

The reaction of the children when they see their completed room for the first time is priceless,” said co-founder Alara Kocibey. “Watching their excitement can honestly bring a tear to your eye.”

3MOMS new collection will be launching at Bloomingdales Homes in Dubai Mall in March

Images courtesy of 3MOMS