Here's Why This Atelier In Paris Is Timeless

BY Sharvari Alape / Apr 29 2020 / 10:00 AM

The recently opened Atelier Laplace in La Ville lumière is a treasure trove of Parisian charm and contemporary art

Here's Why This Atelier In Paris Is Timeless
An interior view of Atelier Laplace

Luis Laplace, along with his French partner Christophe Comoy, co-founded Paris-based studio Laplace in 2004 to build and design exclusive, personalised spaces for clients, often filled with contemporary art. With a history of artists in the family along with his ever-growing appreciation for art, perhaps from his early encounters with American-French artist Louise Bourgeois’ work, Argentine-born Luis perfectly combines his fascination for anything artistic with his knowledge of architecture to offer bespoke architecture and interior design services all over the world, from art galleries and museums to residences.

Laplace’s approach to design is, as he says, “to restore to spaces the soul that they have lost, with a play on memory that eschews imposing anything.”

Laplace Atelier
An exterior view of Atelier Laplace with a Paul McCarthy sculpture

An avid collector of contemporary art, ceramics and 20th century antiques, Laplace offers his curated selection of works to his clientele under the label of Laplace Antiques, while his personally developed Laplace Bespoke presents a furniture line of beautiful French craftsmanship. The recently opened Atelier Laplace is one such testament of Laplace’s timeless approach. 

Located on the ground floor of the same building which houses the duo’s office and apartment at Place Saint-Georges in Paris, Atelier Laplace is designed to exclusively welcome their clients in a habitat that perfectly showcases their distinctive outlook on design.

Laplace Atelier
An interior view of Atelier Laplace

“The Atelier is our own space, it has been conceived for us to express our savoir-faire, and of our French artisans and to host our friends and clients,” says Laplace. Characterised by key elements of Parisian architecture, the space features classical Haussmannian design elements such as wooden floors, decorative plaster ceilings and stunningly carved crown mouldings. 

The white-walled atelier is exquisitely furnished from Laplace Bespoke and Laplace Antiques in a perfect setting of muted lavishness while various artworks from Swiss art gallery Hauser & Wirth create an impression of unfailing class around the space. Laplace’s creative inspiration stems from his intention to “aspire a certain timelessness and define a new version of luxury without ostentation,” he says. 

Laplace Atelier
An interior view of the dining room at Atelier Laplace

There’s a residential feel to the place, with a comfortable ambience and formal undertones. In the spacious salon, a forties game table with chairs and refined Laplace Bespoke furniture are accentuated by classy artworks such as Paul McCarthy’s Mad House Drawing 3 (2011) and a Keith Tyson painting. The opulent space is designed in elegant simplicity as ideally envisioned by the Argentinian architect.

A secluded alcove is ideal for getting work done in peace while seated on the beautifully crafted chair of a black metal frame and Kvadrat fabric as a Venini pendant hangs above, a scene that is reminiscent of a melancholic portrait. Further in, the convivial dining room overlooks the greenish terrace garden, inspiring a serene atmosphere indoors. The dining table, made of a walnut base and brocatelle de Sienne marble, created by Luis Laplace for Laplace Bespoke, invites gliding hands as Roni Horn’s artwork graces the wall of the dazzlingly sunlit room. 

From the limited edition black ceramic Buccheri piriform vases in the kitchen to the attention-grabbing Paul McCarthy sculpture laid outdoors, the atelier is a haven for art enthusiasts to revel in sophisticated, intricate details alluding to Laplace’s intimate relationship with art. The vibrant yet soothing colour palette is gentle on the eyes and radiates the warmth of a place that’s been meticulously designed with the utmost care and subtle context. 

Laplace Atelier
Luis Laplace, ®Babi Carvalho

For all its charmingly impressive interior, it is the terrace garden that Laplace regards as a favourite spot. “Winter or summer, we love being outside in our own Parisian space. It represents for us a welcome break in our hectic life,” expresses Laplace. Overlooking the bustling elegance of Place Saint-Georges square, the exceptionally large terrace garden has been installed with bird feeders, large camellias, a maple tree and wisteria in a setting breathtaking enough to arouse wistful and content sighs. 

Designing such picturesque interiors requires that Laplace follow a specific philosophy, like many others. What differentiates their practice? According to Laplace, “we pride ourselves on not having a signature or style, or at least we try not to!”

Images courtesy of LaPlace and Nicolas Matheus

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From the Spring 2020 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Interiors