Bespoke Artwork By Arkham Creative To Be Auctioned At Abu Dhabi Dream Ball 2020

BY Karim Aziz Oghly / Jan 22 2020 / 17:00 PM

A custom paper-based portrait is being donated to the benevolent gala's charitable auction

Bespoke Artwork By Arkham Creative To Be Auctioned At Abu Dhabi Dream Ball 2020
Courtesy of the artist
A work by Tariq “Rick” Sharif

British, Bahrain-born blade artist Tariq “Rick” Sharif's pieces are made by hand-slicing pieces of paper with blades, using a multi-layering approach to create depth and detail. A total of six layers are superimposed to form a final image.

This coming Thursday, guests at the Abu Dhabi Dream Ball 2020 will have the chance to own an incredible A3 paper blade art piece commission of any image of their choosing, which will also be framed. The custom art piece is being generously donated by Sharif as part of the gala's beneficiary auction, designed to raise funds for the UNHCR's initiative in Lebanon to provide essential healthcare to Syrian refugees in need in the country. 

When looking at Sharif's work from afar, it simply appears as a detailed illustration. But, a sense of three-dimensionality can be noticed when it's looked at closely. The nature of his craft means that each piece he makes is truly unique. Each fragment of paper that is added to a layer is distinct and requires different stroke of his blade. Each piece takes approximately three days to make. Sharif said he decided to take part in the ball to aid the UNHCR efforts in Lebanon because he simply wanted to help. "I feel blessed that my art pieces play a part in these amazing charities and in knowing that one life has breathed easier because I just took a blade to paper," he expresses.

As a superhero aficionado, he began his career making portraits of comic book and film characters as well as pop culture icons. Sharif launched his company, Arkham Creative, in 2013 and has made a lasting impression. Some of his pieces are in the possession of the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart, Kristen Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres and many more well-known personalities.

Presented by Etihad Airways and hosted by Sawtouna, the second edition of the Abu Dhabi Dream Ball will be held ‪on Thursday 23 January 2020 at Emirates Palace, in support of UNHCR‘s initiative in Lebanon to increase access to primary healthcare for Syrian refugees. This includes preventive and curative consultations, vaccines, essential medication for acute disorders & chronic illnesses and mental health services.‬

Tickets and tables to the 2020 Abu Dhabi Dream Ball are available for purchase via 800 Tickets. All proceeds from ticket and table sales will be directed towards the UNHCR's efforts in Lebanon.

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