Here's Why We Adore This Minimalist Villa In Hellerup

BY Harper's BAZAAR Interiors / Feb 17 2020 / 12:26 PM

Built in 1921, the beautiful home has been spruced up by Danish duo interior and wallpaper designer Jannik Martensen-Larse and Helene Blanche, who run family-owned interior design firm TAPET-CAFÉ

Here's Why We Adore This Minimalist Villa In Hellerup
Photographs by Kate Lewis
Sofa George Smith /Jules; Rug- Christopher Farr; Cushions- Helene Blanche/TAPET-CAFE; Etagere, Vaughan; Curtains, Silky Linen, Helene Blanche/ TAPET-CAFE

An exquisite villa in Hellerup, situated north of Copenhagen, measuring 240 square metres was built in 1921 and it is not your typical Danish home. 

Colours, texture, art and decoration are an incredibly important part of the lives of Martensen-Larse and Blanche. There is an atmosphere that makes the home personal, with its rigorous architecture forming a beautiful frame.

Tapet Cafe

Dining table- PK54 af Poul Kjærholm. Chairs, CH33 Carl Hansen & Søn. Curtains, Plain Moire, Helene Blanche/ TAPET-CAFE

Both are drawn to colours, material compositions and skilful craftsmanship, which were the starting points when designing the home as well as when designing a space or residence for customers in their working lives. The colours have been carefully handpicked to complement the many works of art, furniture and designs featured in abode.

Tapet Cafe

Walk In closet/ Kvänum / colour Hardwick White. Wallpaper Polka Stripe/ Helene Blanche

Martensen-Larse and Blanche dreamt of a décor with an expressive, avant-garde and evocative visual expression and brought their vision to life from their shared fascination of deep, insistent colours.

They can’t run from the fact that they have some Danish minimalism rooted in their choice of style, but the most important elements for them is a style that is  dynamic and vibrant – somehow very un-Danish. “You find lots of objects, art, design, books, things and things, all of which bridge our work with interior design, colours and textile design,” they share. “Telling stories with the spaces we create will always follow us as humans.”

Tapet Cafe

Bespoke Kitchen/ Kvänum. Chair, CH33 Carl Hansen & Søn

TAPET-CAFE, established in 1974, is a second-generation Danish interior design house specialising in bespoke printed textiles and wallpaper. The company has decorated walls and created interior design for years: from exquisite wallpaper, custom-made curtains and fine paint colours to hand-printed textile and fine upholstery. Their clients include private homes as well as designer shops, restaurants, boutique hotels and design collaborations. TAPET-CAFE is a purveyor to The Royal Danish Court.

Blanche is a Danish textile designer and her collections are sold exclusively at Tapet-Cafe in Denmark and from a selection of handpicked international showrooms, particularly in Paris, London, Stockholm, Moscow and Sydney. Blanche holds a degree in textile design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. 

Tapet Cafe

Mobile- Kirstine Roepsdorff

All photographs by Kate Lewis

Production by Robert Meeder

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