Why You Need This Minimalist Brand On Your Radar

BY Kasia Truscott / Dec 4 2019 / 15:59 PM

Less is more

Why You Need This Minimalist Brand On Your Radar
Courtesy of ACOLÉ

If Copenhagen Fashion Week and the rise of minfluencers (that’s minimalist inlfuencers, in case you weren’t familiar) have taught us anything, it’s that Scandi style is up there with the best. And it’s ACOLÉ, the up-and-coming minimalist label that can help you get it.

“Timeless, effortless and feminine,” is how designer Linda Bruun Lacin describes her brand, which launched earlier this year and made its debut at Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S20.  Though Danish at heart, Linda has been based in Dubai for nine years, drawing inspiration from the Middle East to polish the clean Scandinavian aesthetic of her creations.

Short for ‘A Collection Of Luxury essentials,’ ACOLÉ explores the strength of simplicity through elegant silhouettes and unique details, fusing pared-back Scandi style with Middle Eastern luxury. Bridging the two together is an underlying commitment to sustainability, from a careful selection of ethical production methods and business partners, to sourcing sustainable textiles. 

So what does the future of ACOLÉ have in store? “Definitely a more sustainable tomorrow,” says Linda. “While design is our highest priority, so is sourcing luxurious fabrics which are also good for our planet. Our next A/W20 collection will see a lot of recycled, organic and vegan fabrics, along with standout shapes and details.”

The official ACOLÉ web-shop will launch this month, and will ship internationally.

All images: Courtesy of ACOLÉ