Inside Interior Designer Alia El Tanani's Stunning Family Home In Monaco

BY Athwifa Saleem / Mar 28 2020 / 12:00 PM

A rich ensemble of art and bold hues at every turn, creative design director of Living In Interiors Alia El Tanani's abode in Monaco truly is a rare find

Inside Interior Designer Alia El Tanani's Stunning Family Home In Monaco
Image courtesy of Living In Interiors
Interior view of Alia's home

With its out-of-the-box designs and an ensemble of art pieces and sculptures, well-established interior designer Alia El Tanani’s family apartment, located in Monaco, truly speaks for itself. “We chose Monaco for settling mainly due to its central location, security and unique lifestyle,” says El Tanani.

Statues representing ancient cultures, pop and street art, patterned textiles and bright coloured walls and upholstery are all featured within the eclectic home. The result is a space which reflects the family’s taste, love for art and eye for detail.

Living room view of Alia's home

“We are a family that are big fans of colour, also the light of the South of France and Monaco played a big role in our choice of colours,” shares El Tanani, adding, “the amount of light that our apartment receives justifies the intensity of the colours.”

The city life and the alluring quality of the surrounding scenery, with its deep blue sea and graceful-yet-vibrant atmosphere of Monaco proved to be paramount elements of inspiration for El Tanani in styling the family home.

Dining hall view of Alia's home

The abode houses artworks from artists by the likes of Karel Appel, Picasso and Salvador Dali and is also jewelled with aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces such as a custom-made Dragon Swirl three-door cabinet by Beijing-born designer Robert Kuo, a custom-made apple green armoire by Promemoria and various furnishing pieces from designers such as Baker, Ralph Lauren, B&B Italia and  Alfonso Marina, which are also brands that are represented in Living In Interiors’ showrooms and included in other interior design and furnishing projects.

Living room view of Alia's home

The family spends the most time together in their well-studded living room, which boasts the most scenic view of the Monaco ports from its balcony.

“We have all our family meals there; we are four so it’s the best spot,” expresses El Tanani. “Besides, the view says it all.”

Dining room view of Alia's home

Being in the interior design industry has provided El Tanani with the right reins over the years to source quality artworks and sculptures for their collection, which now is a pivotal part of her home.

“This apartment was designed eight years ago and the design speaks in relevance of the present and the future through the medium of cultural depth, the art works and sculptures throughout,” she says.

Bedroom view of Alia's home

“As time passed on, we realised the fact that art was the biggest player in the upcoming interiors of any home. Currently, we are in a phase where being an individualistic collector makes you and makes your interiors different than anybody else - it gives the space character. There are commercial interiors that look much alike, and then there are interiors that reflect the owner’s sense and taste for aesthetic décor and their depth in knowledge of art and culture.”

El Tanani leaves us with one last message, “quality should be the important feature when you’re doing any project because it decides the longevity of the work.”

Images courtesy of Living In Interiors and Alia El Tanani

From the Spring 2020 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Interiors