How To Create The Perfect 'Work From Home' Space

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Apr 1 2020 / 15:33 PM

Interior designer Natalia Miyer shares the secrets to making a stylishly functional home office

How To Create The Perfect 'Work From Home' Space

Following recent government mandates about social distancing and self-isolation, many have been forced to make the switch to working from home.

Setting up the ideal space to encourage productivity can be challenge for some people, especially if space is already at a premium. London-based interior architect and designer Natalia Miyar shares her tips for creating the perfect home office.

According to Natalia the key aspects to creating an inviting, versatile workspace includes maximising areas that have been overlooked, bringing in natural light (to invite the feeling of the outdoors inside), and choosing unique design pieces to reflect the individuality of the space's owner.

In houses with limited space the bedroom can be a surprisingly good spot to set up your workstation. Natalia recommends slimline furniture that won’t take up too much room and fits in with the other furniture. A wall-facing desk can double as a dressing table with the addition of a mirror above it. Just add a desk lamp, a scented candle and some artwork.

Use windows to your advantage by placing your desk close to one and maximise natural light. Studies suggest that natural light boosts positivity and productivity - so soak up that sun. A double-sided table lets you switch up your view of window, depending on your mood. Incorporate fresh flowers and plants to purify the air and soothe your eyes.

Finally, make sure your workspace - like the rest of your home - tells a story. Natalia believes it should “reflect the homeowner’s personal narrative including key inspirations, favourite design pieces and meaningful possessions.”

Skip the traditional office-based furniture and choose that gorgeously upholstered armchair instead. That way, you’ll be comfortable and come to your new office with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash/daniellajardim