The Poetry of Material: Dubai’s TAF House Material

BY Rebecca Anne Proctor / Apr 7 2019 / 14:29 PM

Situated in Dubai’s Al Quoz district, TAF House Material offers gems in Italian-made materials to the Middle Eastern market

The Poetry of Material: Dubai’s TAF House Material
Courtesy of TAF House Material
Ornamenta's Operae Collection available at TAF House Material

Alessandro and Teresa Geneloni at TAF House Material in Al Quoz, courtesy of TAF House Material

While we’re often focused on the particular furniture and design objects that decorate a space, what is not spoken enough about is the richness of the materials that create such products and the spaces in which they occupy. Think glistening porcelain surfaces, warm wooden flooring and elegantly coloured walling – these are the backdrops that provide a room with its personality and unique aesthetic visionaries. Simply put, the quality of the materials used in an architectural or interior design project can make or break its essence. The aesthetic make-up of a specific furnishing holds beauty and expression, and it is for this reason that Dubai-based TAF House Material is so dedicated to enriching the structures in which we dwell with unique tiling and wood flooring materials solely made in Italy. Established in Dubai in 2013 and headed by husband-and-wife team Alessandro and Teresa Geneloni, stepping inside TAF is like entering into an endless boutique of materials. Yet instead of selling fashionable garments, TAF sells trending materials – materials largely influenced by the current tastes in fashion and design. TAF has unlocked the door to a vast new world for interior designers – a world that enables them to dress a space with a unique aesthetic and personality.

Right: 41zero42's Biscuit Collection; Left: 41zero42's Paint-It Collection

The couple is a firm believer in the power of quality materials to create spaces that are sustainable, harmonious and positive. “We want to help people live better lives through beautiful high-quality materials,” says Teresa. “The material we live with has a direct impact on our mood and our overall wellbeing.” For TAF, materials constitute some of the principle protagonists in our life; they are the elements that we are not immediately aware of and yet are powerful players when it comes to the way in which we feel and operate on a daily basis.

A view of Technicolor, collection by 41zero42

It all started over 13 years ago from a charming loft in Milan and Teresa and Alessandro’s deep love for fashion. The couple had an innate adoration for beautiful design, textures, innovative patterns and colours. Fashion for them was the ultimate form of expression. Yet the more they spent time studying the trends of the moment, the more the couple found their great love: materials. The first material they turned to was wood, and with wood they discovered a new world. Countless artisans specialised in wood work with various textures, finishes and colours, and the possibilities a special wood can lend to one’s living space were endless. “We uncovered world of artisans dedicated solely to the creation of artisan engineered wood,” says Alessandro.

Ceramica Bardelli's Corrispondenza Collection available at TAF House Material

The couple then began to experiment with ceramic and porcelain tiles. Whether designing for indoors or outdoors, Teresa and Alessandro soon discovered that what the industry lacked was a place where interior designers could go to source their material as well as seek advice on how to use a specific material for a certain project. TAF was founded as a creative lab – a one-stop shop where interior designers could easily peruse an extensive variety of creative elements.

Ornamenta's Manufatto Collection available at TAF House Material

TAF’s use of material is akin to visual poetry. “Our products are themselves visual storytellers—always subject to innovation and a sense of timeless vision,” says Teresa. Their materials endow a space with emotion, sensitivity and personality. “Everything we do reflects the creativity of Italian design merged with an understanding of the current architectural and design scene in the Middle East,” she adds. “We like to refer to our showroom as an extension of our clients’ materials library, where you can come and open a book and discover always a new story.”

Ceramica Bardelli's Eve Collection designed by Marcel Wanders available at TAF House Materials 

It’s not just about purchasing the material that one needs, Teresa and Alessandro work with their clients from start to finish. “Every job is studied with utmost care,” says Alessandro. “It’s about catering to wellbeing of our client,” Working with close to 200 collections of porcelain and ceramic tiles, Teresa and Alessandro choose materials with meticulous attention, proposing options to interior designers and architectures that they also love. “Materials can help people live better lives,” adds Teresa. “We want to help our clients dream.” 

Ceramica Colli's Byron Collection available at TAF House Material

TAF House Material is located in 8th Street, Building 1, Warehouse 12, Dubai. Visit for more information.