The One Trick Hairstylist Rod Ortega Used To Create Blake Lively's Faux Bob

BY George Driver / Nov 15 2017 / 13:23 PM

Blake Lively's go-to hair pro reveals how he fooled everyone

The One Trick Hairstylist Rod Ortega Used To Create Blake Lively's Faux Bob

You'd be forgiven for thinking Blake Lively's chic shoulder length bob was a drastic haircut however it was later revealed to be a sneaky slight of hand from her go-to hairstylist Rod Ortega.

Actually a carefully crafted faux lob that looked insanely realistic, so what's the secret? A-list hairstylist and Lively's go-to pro Rod Ortega revealed all to InStyle: "The whole structure of a faux bob for me is pinning hair to the pin cushion that I create in the back of the neck," he explained.

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The 'pin cushion' was in fact a two and half inch section of hair at the base of Lively's head that Ortega braided into two super tight plaits that he then circled round on themselves and secured in place with good old kirby grips.

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So why is it called a pin cushion?

The rest of Blake's signature long blonde hair was then folded up and secured with pins to the 'pin cushion', aka the braided circle at the base of her head, which created a faux shoulder length bob.

"Anything that you pin loose into that pin cushion, it's going to hold. You could go on a rollercoaster and it's going to hold," Ortega told InStyle, "The reason it looks real is because the faux bob isn't so helmut-y. It's loose, and the only way you get that is if you have a strong structure in the back that you can pin it to. So when you turn right and left, it'll move."


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