Bags Of Love With Pop & Suki

BY Alexandra Venison / Feb 14 2017 / 16:03 PM

Check out the accessory line by Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse, that is stealing the hearts of the fashion world

Bags Of Love With Pop & Suki

If you haven’t seen one of Poppy and Suki’s designs snapped on social media, then you are well and truly following the wrong people. Loved by everyone from the likes of Cara Delavigne to Paris Hilton, the Pop & Suki personalised camera shaped bags have fast become the must-have accessory of the season. Bazaar spoke to the entrepreneurial duo about their love for pink and what it’s like working with your best friend.

How did you meet?

We met in a nightclub actually. We were the only ones dancing and both suddenly thought, hey soul mate!

Why did you decide to launch your own line of accessories?

We both love fashion and we are both chaotic, constantly travelling so we wanted to make accessories that were minimal, versatile and stylish. We also wanted to work on a project together.

What inspired the design?

Well we love pink! Have you noticed? We also love this juxtaposition from industrial to feminine. Concrete pastel. Femininity with edge and substance.

Who is your biggest influence when it comes to style?

We love Sienna Miller, she always looks amazing but really our influence is mainly 60s style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Bridget Bardot.

What is it like working with your best friend?

It is possibly one of the best things in the entire world. Every day we wake up and not only do we have an excuse to call each other up for a gossip, but we can also chat about work and make the time super productive. We also get excited about the same things so we feel really lucky!

Have you had any obstacles along your journey?

Starting your own business is always hard work and at times we have had problems like all companies have, getting production on time, making sure servers and tech stuff are running smoothly! There's always hiccups but we have an amazing CEO and co-grounder Leo who is a genius and usually breaks down all obstacles.

What has been your greatest achievement?

Probably our launch party. We were so unbelievably touched by all the amazing girls who came to support. It felt like a real birth to our baby brand. We even shed a tear we were so touched! 

What’s next for Pop & Suki? 

So much. More colours, more styles, amazing collaborations. Actually, we can reveal we have just designed a set of pink suitcases for Away, so keep your eyes out for Pop & Suki x Away!