Michael Kors Will Drop A Capsule Collection Designed For The Middle East Just In Time For Ramadan

BY Emily Baxter / Mar 28 2018 / 16:38 PM

Your Ramadan wish list starts here, with a collection that channels both the modest movement and the essence of the Middle East

Michael Kors Will Drop A Capsule Collection Designed For The Middle East Just In Time For Ramadan
Kaftan, Dhs1,430; bag, Dhs1,650, both MICHAEL Michael Kors Ramadan Collection

A strong economic presence throughout the year, Muslim buying power has become a force to be reckoned with, leading myriad designers to capitalise on the opportunity with Middle East-specific designs and capsule collections released year-round. More recently, Ramadan has gained traction within the industry as an in-demand consumer period, with designers creating more modest designs to launch pre- and during the Holy Month, a time when Muslim spend is at a high in the region.

With an eye on client and consumer demand, American arbiter of populist style Michael Kors heads the charge releasing, for the second year running, an exclusive capsule collection designed with his Middle East clientele in mind. Believing that, “The women in the Middle East have very discerning taste and they appreciate the luxury and quality they find in our clothes and accessories,” Michael has channelled his design focus towards, “Offering our customers who celebrate Ramadan something special, such as luxurious and elegant kaftans, including a metallic foil version that has that little something extra to help you stand out at special occasions. It’s covered up, but still exciting and eye-catching.”

Comprising two kaftans, seven shoe designs, eight bags – of which six are exclusive to Dubai – “because Middle Eastern women understand the power of accessories, which I love,” – Michael enjoys the direction that the new modesty movement is going in and believes, “There are really interesting things that can be done with silhouette, material and colour that are intriguing, stylish and super-chic.”

With a mass global appeal, and understanding that “there is no one kind of beauty today – there is every kind of beauty,” Michael says the best customers are, “Those who are excited about fashion, who are always interested in what’s new and what’s next, and who recognise and appreciate quality, and I think our customers in the Middle East are all of that,
and more.”

He cites Queen Rania as “someone I like to follow, due to her dedication to improving children’s lives and education, both on
a domestic and global scale, she is inspiring on many levels,” and for “her incredible, unexpected and fresh fashion choices – she has a great eye,” and he truly believes the impact that fashion can have on empowering women. “I think when a woman puts on the right dress or picks up an amazing handbag, her whole attitude changes – she stands a little taller, she feels a little better and her confidence grows.”

With a pre-launch in the UAE at the end of April, ahead of a wider regional release in May, Michael hopes his capsule collection will do just that – help women feel fabulous and stand a little taller during one of the most important months of the year, all with his signature touch of glamour.

From the April issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia