This Lebanese Designer Will Transport You To the Colourful Streets of Miami

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / May 14 2019 / 13:32 PM

Flowing fabrics and oversized silhouettes all play a key role in this seasons 'modern rainbow' inspired collection

This Lebanese Designer Will Transport You To the Colourful Streets of Miami

“It was always in the back of my mind but it was never something that I was positive that I was going to do,” said Lebanese fashion designer Mira Hayek, as she spoke on how she entered into the fashion industry. “I knew I wanted to have a strong designer base, that’s why I chose graphic design first, but it was when started doing digital illustrations and I spent a lot of time on the women I was drawing, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer.”

Mira has a certain style, and this season’s collection is characterized by the use of lightweight fabrics and oversized-silhouettes that envoy a playful, fresh and youthful feel. “The collection is extremely colourful and positive,” said Mira. “The pieces can be worn for many different occasions because summer is about recycling many different looks.” Inspired by Miami street artist Alex Yanes, the collection is vibrant and colourful like Yanes’ work. Each piece in the collection resonates with Cuban culture and Miami’s skateboard-culture.

It was the Starch Foundation that gave Mira her big breakthrough in 2011. The ready-to-wear designer is obsessed with geometric shapes and motifs from which she draws inspiration to develop her silhouettes and details on her garments. Her spring/summer 2019 collection embodies elongated silhouettes, midi and maxi dressed, midriff tops and robes that can be worn in versatile ways. With various fabrics that include crepe, parachute, lame wool, and mesh fabric for the hot months, the colour spectrum that Mira describes is ‘modern rainbow.’

Mira’s pieces can be purchased at her atelier in Beirut, in Ridya, and currently at a pop up in Dubai Festival City Mall- as well as on her e-store online.