Chloe Grace Moretz Takes Style Inspiration From Victoria Beckham

BY Naomi Gordon / Jan 24 2018 / 17:25 PM

The actress was pictured working the same outfit as the designer

Chloe Grace Moretz Takes Style Inspiration From Victoria Beckham

One of the many perks of having Victoria Beckham as your (maybe future) mother-in-law? Priceless style tips, and unbridled access to the designer's coveted fashion line.

Chloe Grace Moretz, who is currently dating Victoria and David Beckham's son, Brooklyn, is definitely taking advantage of her close relationship with the designer and looking effortlessly stylish in the process.

The 20-year-old Hollywood star was dressed head-to-toe in VB at a recent event at the Sundance Film Festival this week (and is it just us, or Moretz also working Victoria's trademark breezy hand-in-pockets stance too?)


And if the outfit looks familiar, it's because Victoria wore the same high-neck white blouse and black tux jacket - and the same glittering silver shoes - at Harper's Bazaar's 2017 Women of the Year Awards, where she was honoured with Brand of the Year.

The Kick Ass actress also wore a black shirt and slim tailored trousers from the designer's secondary line, Victoria, Victoria Beckham, at an IMDB event as part of the Sundance festival this week too.

Moretz has long been a fan of Victoria's, having previously waxed lyrical about the former Spice Girl. She told Us Magazine: "I think if anyone didn't say that [they fangirled] when they met her, that would be shocking.

"I think she's one of the most incredible, important, smart, sophisticated businesswomen and mothers that I've ever met. She's a real heart and a real beautiful person."
Meanwhile, Chloe and aspiring photographer Brooklyn prompted engagement speculation after sporting matching signet rings in a post that she shared on Instagram. Their co-ordinating jewellery - worn on their engagement ring fingers - also features their initials.

Via Harper's Bazaar UK