Clear Clutch Curation: A Bazaar Editor’s Guide To Styling Instagram’s Favourite Bag

BY Milli Midwood / Jan 9 2019 / 18:45 PM

Think of the transparent handbag trend as the excuse you’ve been looking for to finally clean out the bottomless pit that is your purse

Clear Clutch Curation: A Bazaar Editor’s Guide To Styling Instagram’s Favourite Bag
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From Chanel’s plastic accessories to regional fave L’afshar’s signature acrylic clutches, Perspex handbags are clear winners in this season’s style stakes. Here, Bazaar illustrates the most on-point ways to wear the bag trend du jour.

What to pack:

Putting the contents of your bag on full display can be scary at first, so we’re looking to products with pretty packaging - sleek wallets, quirky keychains, and must-have beauty products.

Make like Kylie Jenner and put your most aesthetically-pleasing make-up on display. We’ll be loading our bags with new fave Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max.

Dior Addict Lip Glow To The Max, Dhs166 at Sephora

Providing your bag is big enough, of course, head over to the newly-opened Maison Assouline and pick out a cute coffee table-esque book to tote around.

Pearl Necklace book, Dhs330 at Maison Assouline

Whilst a carefully curated bag does, in some ways, boast pinch of exhibitionism, we still want it to look like we’ve packed IRL details. Ditch your big, chunky purse, full of scrunched up receipts, in favour of a chic card holder, a la Moynat.

Moynat card holder, Dhs1,060

Try embracing the two-bag trend and fill your see-through carryall with, well, another carryall.

What not to pack:

A Cheque book – Or any kind of banking accessory that may show off any personal numbers.

A book with an embarrassing title – Leave your 50 Shades of Grey at home, ladies!

Old receipts – You don’t want random passers-by privy to the knowledge that you’d popped by Shake Shack for lunch, after all.

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