Lana El-Sahely Photographed In Cairo To Celebrate Her Egyptian Capsule Collection

BY Emily Baxter / Apr 2 2018 / 20:19 PM

The Lebanese influencer collaborated with 6 Egyptian designers to create a collection featuring unique pieces inspired by Lana and her lifestyle

Lana El-Sahely Photographed In Cairo To Celebrate Her Egyptian Capsule Collection
Photography by Ikon Chiba

As a Middle Eastern woman crisscrossing the globe for her work as an influencer and entrepreneur, cross-cultural discourse is of great importance to Lebanese Lana El-Sahely. And one of the key MOs behind her brand L’Armoire de Lana, which launched in 2016, is to help widen the commentary on, and surrounding, the Arab world, with the 28-year-old saying, “I believe that, as a regional blogger, I have the duty to represent all of the incredible talents of our region. The Middle East is comprised of 22 countries and everyone has something different to present. There’s so much to show the rest of the world.”

Coquina wrap blazer,  Dhs1,102, The King’s Mother

Coquina wrap blazer, Dhs1,102, The King’s Mother

In the hopes of pushing the regional conversation even further, Lana has recently collaborated with six Egyptian designers, “to bring together the different forces for a bigger impact,” and celebrate the innovative talent emerging from Egypt.The ‘Cairo Collection’ features seven unique pieces all inspired by Lana and her lifestyle and sold on

T-shirt, Dhs440, KojakT-shirt, Dhs440, Kojak

“We wanted versatile pieces that people can use every day and style in different ways,” Lana says, “as well as staying as accessible in price as we could. The designers looked at my platform, my world, and my style, and then came up with suggestions. The process was very natural and easy.”

From left: Cardholder, Dhs367, Okhtein; Earrings, Dhs661, Ammanni; Earrings, Dhs624, The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy

Simple statement styling is also something that Lana is embracing in her new role as a mum-to-be, as she tells us in our exclusive Bazaar Junior cover shoot.

T-shirt, Dhs460, Maram

As for helping shape a world of cross-cultural acceptance to raise her child in, Lana says, “Having a peaceful relationship with the world is very important. There’s so much aggression and negativity out there, yet my family and I have never looked at the world in this way. We don’t judge others and I think that’s nice.”

Shale blazer, Dhs1,102, The King’s MotherShale blazer, Dhs1,102, The King’s Mother

With regards to her dream as a mother of the future? “I want to have a very honest relationship with my child. I want to be present, and to create a place where we can listen, ask questions and discuss things.”

BTS: LDL x Maison Pyramide from Maison Pyramide on Vimeo.

From April 2018 issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia 

Production: Maison Pyramide
Art Direction & Photography: Ikon Chiba
Asst. Art Director: Aliaa Dessouki
Live Projection: Hannah Patten
Styling: Farah El Sayed
Styling Assistants: Nour Bayadi & Farah Seif
Make-Up Artist: Shariff Tanyous
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Project Manager: Dorothy Chakra
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Retouching: Antonio Adeb
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