INTERVIEW: Bazaar Speaks Exclusively To Megan Hess About Her Collection With Poca & Poca

BY Milli Midwood / Dec 18 2017 / 15:06 PM

Press play on the video to watch Megan talk all things fashion, family and her favourite place in Dubai

INTERVIEW: Bazaar Speaks Exclusively To Megan Hess About Her Collection With Poca & Poca
Poca & Poca

Before heading to the stunning Flamingo Room by Tasha's for Megan’s exclusive luncheon to celebrate her launch with Poca & Poca, Bazaar grabbed illustrator-turned-fashion-designer to chat about her collection with the Polish brand.

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia (HBA): How did the collaboration with Poca & Poca come about?
Megan Hess (MH): I first stumbled upon the brand in Galleries Lafayette about four years ago and I fell in love with it. I loved the crazy silhouettes, the intriguing shapes and the fact it’s a Polish brand in the Middle East. I bought a few pieces and started wearing them out and about whilst I was travelling and people always gave me great feedback on my outfit. After that, every time the brand released a new collection I was first in line to buy it, so when they reached out to me for a capsule collection it was a no brainer.

HBA: You have done lots fashion collaborations before but why did you choose Poca & Poca as the first brand to print on?
MH: A capsule collection is something that has been put forward to me before but I never found a brand that I trusted enough and would be able to make the clothes a way that I would be totally in love with.

Megan Hess X Poca & Poca 

HBA: How involved in the design process were you?
MH: They told me to sketch my ideas and we would come together and see how to make a collection out of it, so I drew all the ballerinas, the Palace, the balconies and all the architectural elements that I had in mind. I then drew the shapes of the clothes and placed my ballet sketches over the top in Photoshop. I already had the colour scheme of black, white and gold in mind, so Poca & Poca took all the elements I loved and created the collection!

HBA: Why were you so inspired by ballerinas for this collection?
MH: I’m the artist in resident for the Australian Ballet, and I think there’s something really intriguing about ballet. I thought it would be a really nice theme to anything I’ve done before; it’s a world I feel like I can escape to.  I drew 10 different ballerinas. In the large the skirt, there’s an arch that covers the whole skirt and a different ballerina in each arch – it’s my favourite piece in the collection, it’s almost like a ballerinas tutu.

Megan's favourite pieces in the collection 

Poca & Poca

Megan's favourite pieces in the collection

Poca & Poca

HBA: You’ve been to Dubai a few times now, what inspires you so much about the Middle East that brings you back every year?
MH: Ever since my first trip here I fell in love. The country is so inviting, I love the warmth, I love the diversity of the people and I think there’s a huge emphasis on luxury fashion here that you don’t see in the rest of the world.

HBA: Does that mean that maybe we can expect a book about Dubai soon [Megan has just released Paris Through a Fashion Eye, an illustrated book about her favourite places in Paris]?
MH: Maybe! That would be a really fun book to create.

You heard it here first, folks! 

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