Your First Look At Robert Cavalli's Triple RRR SS/20 Collection

BY Allyson Portee / Jun 16 2019 / 15:21 PM

“I’m extremely proud of what I’ve done. I don’t need to follow the fashion, I want to create a new type of fashion, which isn’t stipulated by gender. My vision is to create for men but I want women to be able to wear my designs too”

Your First Look At Robert Cavalli's Triple RRR SS/20 Collection
Robert Cavalli

Triple RRR may be a menswear line, but when models like Naomi Campbell and Liya Kebedi regularly wear the brand’s robes, it firmly has BAZAAR’s attention.

Robert Cavalli’s (son of famed designer Roberto) brand combines the rich, decorative signature identity of the Florentine culture with a fresh, dynamic urban attitude, inspired by the London underground scene. His new collection, which he recently launched in his family's residence in the heart of Italy, has eye-catching bold colours that are juxtaposed to graphic micro horseshoes, artsy equestrian motifs, and flamboyant digitalized prints of multi-colour parrot feathers fitting for men and womenswear. BAZAAR caught up with the 25- year old at the viewing.

Speaking of his collection Robert said, “There was so much confusion at the start of this collection because I wanted to bring out so many things and I did with this punkish look, from the uniform shapes and the little medals on the military jackets. It’s all a combination that is unique, modern and different. Triple RRR has to be different and I’m happy with what I’ve been able to achieve in my year and a half of starting.”

The University of the Arts London graduate spent a lot of his life in London, which influences his design style. “In this collection, you see the silhouettes come from British uniforms. I grew up in London and this had a very big impact on me, and on the underground look of my brand, but the fluidity of my robes come from the romantic side of me, which is Florence. I like to combine the two.”

If you’re fashion savvy you’ll know the name Cavalli. Robert’s father is famed Italian womenswear designer, Roberto Cavalli and his mother is Eva Cavalli. The third child, fashion is in his blood. He spent a lot of time in his parents’ office, seeing fashion at all angles. “My parents taught me to how to walk, they taught me how to love life, and they taught me to be sensible and to be romantic.”  But Robert is his own man, taking fashion by the horns and putting his unique touch to his brand.

Triple RRR ambassador and Dutch model, Daniel Wagemans spoke of the fluidity of the brand being for women and men. “The beauty of Triple RRR is that it’s created from the perspective of the millennial generation that Robert and I are from and that we see in our friends in London and Florence- that the boundaries are being pushed,” he said. “For example, the pajama look is gender neutral. What we see now, and what Robert is doing, is an evolution from the sartorial craft that the Italians and the British have always brought, and it’s an evolution to a freer sartorialism. We have so many different models and celebrities wearing Triple RRR from different paradigms.”

And the collection launch didn’t end there as Robert welcomed guests like Eva Cavalli, Daniele Cavalli, Inga Rubenstein, Eli Mizrahi, Igee Ikafor, Declan Chan, Cole Sprouse and more to the Cavalli villa in the Florentine hills for an evening party, with the theme of “One Night in Florence.”

Guests danced the night away by the pool to DJ Simone de Kunovich.