4 Ways To Wear Chanel’s Code Coco Watch

BY Sophie Stevens / Jan 31 2018 / 15:52 PM

The Maison has just released exclusive images of four modern women donning the latest timepiece

4 Ways To Wear Chanel’s Code Coco Watch
Courtesy Chanel
Italian model Alessandra Mastronardi
4 Ways To Wear Chanel’s Code Coco Watch
Courtesy Chanel
Code Coco watches, Chanel, from Dhs 20,900

Chanel unveiled its new Code Coco watch late last year, which looks to the iconic 2.55 bag as inspiration for its design.


British artist Chloe Wise dons the Code Coco watch

Starting from Dhs 20,900 and available in stainless steel, either with or without a diamond-set bezel, the black laquer dial features a metal bar that can be turned to reveal or hide the time. The model comes with a quartz movement and its checked steel bracelet-strap makes it the ideal jewellery watch.


Korean model Soo Joo Park

Now Chanel has revealed its new campaign that sees Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi, British artist Chloe Wise, Japanese ballerina Nozomu Iijima and Korean model Soo Joo Park wearing the bejeweled variety with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds and a princess-cut diamond on the dial.


Nozomi Iijima and her Code Coco timepiece

With the 2.55 bag first created in 1955, the images demonstrate the timeless appeal of its quilted motif and slick clasp in this modern watch design.