Ancient Rome And Iconic Jewels Inspire New Bulgari Collection

BY Sophie Stevens / Apr 27 2017 / 13:11 PM

The New B.zero1 ring pays homage to the Italian capital’s Colosseum and the brand’s own design history

Ancient Rome And Iconic Jewels Inspire New Bulgari Collection
Courtesy Bulgari
A vintage Bulgari Serpenti watch in enamel and gold

The quintessential Roman jeweller, Bulgari has taken inspiration from the climbing spiral lines of Rome’s ancient Colosseum for the latest ring from the B.zero1 Design Legend collection, created in partnership with the late architect, Zaha Hadid.


The New B.zero1 ring by Bulgari designed in collaboration with the late architect Zaha Hadid

Hadid’s architectural achievements are widely recognised for their pioneering sleekness, and she has frequently scaled down her characteristic forms to a wearable scale for jewellery. Billowing curves and voluptuous outlines replaced traditional expectations of such structures; just look at Hadid’s curvaceous “The Opus” building soon to open in Dubai.

Founded in 1884, Bulgari has long looked to the architectural and artistic heritage of Italy to inform its designs. Renowned for their love of volume, the Italian jewellery house also holds a deep affection for its ancient roots – even the BVLGARI logo is inspired by the Latin “V” engraved above their 1934 Via dei Condotti store.


A Bulgari "Monete" tubogas choker set with ancient coins

Unafraid of including unusual materials in their designs, some of their most famous jewels featured ancient Roman coins. These “Monete” jewels were introduced in the 1950s, and were recently reimagined using such coins from the family’s private collection.

Bulgari’s jewels are further renowned for their expert craftsmanship and ongoing hunt for innovation through the use of new techniques. One of the brand’s trademark designs is the highly successful tubogas. Composed of continuous tightly wound ribbons of gold that form into flexible chokers and bracelets, the finished designs are sleek, stylised and bold jewels.


Bulgari tubogas Serpenti bracelet in diamonds and yellow gold

Using this approach of historical inspiration and innovative design, Bulgari partnered with Hadid to reimagine the archetypal symbol of Rome. First launched in 1999, the latest designs in the B.zero1 collection inject the timeless appeal of the Colosseum into a collection through undulating gold waves that bring movement to a seemingly rigid structure.

Extending her legacy to the world of jewellery craftsmanship, Zaha Hadid has designed a collection that continues Bulgari’s synthesis of the classic, the revolutionary and the timeless.