Interview: Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewellery

BY Sophie Stevens / Dec 10 2017 / 17:39 PM

Now stocked in boutiques across the world, NGFJ has garnered an international following including celebrity clients Karl Largerfeld and Beyoncé. As Nadine Ghosn celebrates her two-year anniversary, Bazaar speaks exclusively to the London-based Lebanese jewellery designer about her journey so far

Interview: Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewellery
Nadine Ghosn

HBA: Why did you move from a consulting career to fine jewellery design?

NG: I wanted to pursue a career in something I was passionate about! I did not feel fulfilled by the work I was doing as a consultant at BCG in New York and needed something that fostered more creativity.

After BCG I worked for two years in a rotational program with luxury powerhouse Hermès. This role made me realise how much I loved fine jewellery and I craved building something with my own set of rules and voice.

With no background or connections in the space, I took a leap of faith and hoped that passion and determination would be enough. And here I am, the happiest and most aligned I have ever been in my career.

Nadine-Ghosn-Burger-RingVeggie Burger ring, Dhs 31,000, Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewellery

HBA: As you approach your two-year anniversary, what do you think NGFJ brings to contemporary fine jewellery that wasn’t there before?

NG: I should be asking YOU that question! I design in line with my personality, and I believe NGFJ brings a little light heartedness and fun into a pretty conservative and competitive industry.

For an industry that supports and embraces absolute perfection, I am absolutely imperfect and I want to excite my clients and constantly innovate with fun and edgy designs.

Nadine-Ghosn-Stand-Up-EarringStand Up earrings in 18-karat rose gold and diamonds, Dhs 9,000, Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewellery

HBA: Do any particular themes inspire your collections?

NG: Food and time are two themes that will always be interlaced in my collections.

HBA: What are your favourite gems and materials that you use in your designs, and where are the pieces made?

NG: I want my pieces to be passed down through generations and therefore I work only with highest quality materials, such as 18-karat gold. Personally, I love rose gold; I find it to be the perfect balance between femininity and boldness. Diamonds always help highlight the shapes and structures and I have a huge appreciation for champagne diamonds especially.

The pieces are made in Lebanon. The craftsmanship there is superb; most artisans are descendants of people who migrated to Lebanon after the Ottoman Empire. We work well together and they are extremely flexible. Supporting local craftsmen is an important aspect of NGFJ’s mission.

Nadine-Ghosn-CharmsLana Chain, Dhs 9,899, and Charms, from Dhs 1,500-10,500, Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewellery

HBA: Can you tell us about your upcoming plans for the Middle East?

NG: I plan to have a presence in the Middle East simply because it is a region with lots of potential and is very dear to me coming from Lebanese heritage.


I Do ring, Dhs 32,500, Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewellery

HBA: Do you draw any creative inspiration from the Middle East?

NG: Of course. I love the freedom, hunger and creativity bubbling out of Beirut. I am inspired by a lot of the teams and people I work with there who help support NGFJ.

There is also a strong emotional attachment to jewellery and jewellery collecting in the region. It is a culture of gifting and community where pieces are often passed down through generations.

Nadine-Ghosn-Ear-Phones-JewelleryEarphones vs. Anty necklace, Dhs 40,000, Nadine Ghosn Fine Jewellery

HBA: Where would you like to see NGFJ in the future?

NG: First and foremost I believe in collaboration. There are so many potential collaborations in the luxury, art and jewellery space as more creative people work together to introduce new ideas and designs into the fashion industry.

I am making the necessary decision today to see sustainable growth over the coming years. I envision NGFJ having a global footprint but with limited distribution. I would also love to embody a culture of openness and innovation within my team to continually excite and shift the way fine jewellery is being perceived, experienced and created.