The Dazzling Indian Heritage Jewellery Label You Need On Your Radar

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jun 26 2019 / 19:48 PM

Creating timeless treasures for over 300 years, Jaipur Gems is one of the crown jewels of India's glorious jewelry traditions.

The Dazzling Indian Heritage Jewellery Label You Need On Your Radar
Courtesy of Jaipur Gems
Gorgeous Gold necklace, 14,932Dhs by Jaipur Gems

Introducing The Dazzling Indian Heritage Jewellery Label You Need On Your Radar

Diamond Dazzle necklace, 160,125Dhs by Jaipur Gems

Jaipur Gems has long been a sparkling example of quality jewellery in India and beyond. With celebrity fans such as Chrissy Tegan, Priyanka Chopra, Katy Perry, and Rihanna and with the launch of four dazzling new collections the label is once again revealing what a unique gem it truly is.

As with all pieces the Jaipur Gems jewellery masters have created since the Indian-based company was established in 1974 by ancestors of the Sacheti family, the latest lines exude class, elegance, timelessness, and heritage with a touch of modernity. Specialising in the art of Jadau jewellery and experts in intricate handcrafted 22 karat gold, meenakari work and working with contemporary diamonds, rubies and emeralds, the latest collections will elevate any outfit to that of royalty.

Here is everything you need to know about Jaipur Gems’ beautiful new handcrafted offerings that are dripping with precious jewels.

Jaipur Gems Gorgeous Gold Collection

Gorgeous Gold choker, 24,843Dhs by Jaipur Gems

Gorgeous Gold Collection

Blending traditional artistry and intrinsic designs with beautiful yellow gold this collection is designed to appeal to all ages and inject them with a brilliant dose of flair that only Jaipur Gems can manage.
Featuring a selection of floral handcrafted chokers, eternal bangles and cuffs, and rings with flower and ethnic motifs, the line is tailored toward bridal wear. Long layered necklaces feature heavily as do long earrings, statement rings, chandaalis and Jhumkas as well as the classic evergreen bangles.

Jaipur Gems Nuvo Polki Collection

Nuvo Polki necklace, 42,000Dhs by Jaipur Gems

The Nuvo Polki Collection

Uncut Diamonds, more popularly known as Polki is always looked upon as heirloom jewellery and a traditional must have piece in every bride's trousseau. Given that its a heavy piece of jewellery, its usually only seen on the brides during the wedding festivities then goes back to their jewellery boxes and only come out again for another wedding in the family.

Keeping this ritual in mind, Jaipur Gems has redesigned, redefined and reinvented the Polki segment. A new technique of using and placing the uncut diamonds without any support of wax (Lak) on the gold metal, it transforms the jewel piece into a far lighter weight bauble unlike the traditional Polki sets.

Introducing The Dazzling Indian Heritage Jewellery Label You Need On Your Radar

Diamond Dazzle earrings, 118,125Dhs by Jaipur Gems

Dazzling Diamond Collection

The pieces in this collection are as radiant and dazzling as you’d expect. Made solely from brilliant white diamonds the winter-inspired jewels are incredibly luxe and the coolest jewelled beauties you’ve seen. The handcrafted bauble-like masterpieces are reminiscent of a winter wonderland and will have those who adorn themselves with them feeling frozen in time and dusted with diamonds.

Introducing The Dazzling Indian Heritage Jewellery Label You Need On Your Radar

Jadau necklace (with matching earrings not shown), 131,250Dhs by Jaipur Gems

The Jadau Collection

Endearing, grand and bold, the Jadu collection is inspired by the timeless era of the Maharaja and Mughal rulers and noblemen who wore the very finest clothes and jewellery. Any ornaments that adorned them were made with exquisite craftsmanship. Jaipur Gems revisits that era in this collection and pay homage to the experience that accompanies it.

Introducing The Dazzling Indian Heritage Jewellery Label You Need On Your Radar

Pink Enamel necklace, 61,163Dhs by Jaipur Gems

The Pink Enamel Collection

Inspired by the Pink City itself, Jaipur, one of most beautiful and magnetic cities of India. Denoting the color of hospitality in Rajisthan's capital, Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted its buildings pink to welcome the city's guests. Enamelled in colour with ombre shades of pink, the collection communicates the vibrancy of the city, following its motto; "Even after modernisation, still we hold our roots and values".

Jaipur Gems Grace Collection

Grace ring, 2,365Dhs by Jaipur Gems

The Grace Collection

Inspired by supermodel, actress, singer, and feminist Grace Jones, the Grace Collection pays homage to womankind’s strength and uncanny knack for multi-tasking. As one of the first supermodels of colour, Grace changed the dynamics and perception of beauty in the modeling industry and carved her own path throughout her illustrious career. A tribute to female empowerment and to women around the world trying to break the glass ceiling in some way or the other, the Grace collection comprises of exquisite diamond pendants, earrings and rings.

Available in the UAE, Jaipur Gems offer an exclusive VIP door to door service as well as exceptional customisation for bridal pieces. 

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