See Inside: The New Mikimoto Boutique At The Dubai Mall

BY Sophie Stevens / Jul 12 2018 / 17:43 PM

The design of the recently opened store in The Fashion Avenue is inspired by a unique historical clip first exhibited by the Japanese jewellery house in 1937

See Inside: The New Mikimoto Boutique At The Dubai Mall
Inside the new Mikimoto boutique at The Dubai Mall

Recently opened in The Dubai Mall’s new Fashion Avenue extension, the latest Mikimoto boutique showcases beautiful jewels with its interior design inspired by the “Yaguruma” clip.


The historical “Yaguruma” sash clip could be worn in twelve interchangeable configurations

Crafted from Akoya cultured pearls, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, the “Yaguruma” sash clip was first exhibited at the 1937 World Exposition in Paris. Due to its revolutionary design, the clip could also be worn as twelve interchangeable jewels, including brooches, rings, and hair ornaments.


The interior design of Mikimoto boutiques looks to the radiating style of the "Yaguruma" clip

It was given the name “Yaguruma” (meaning “Wheels of Arrows”) due to its radiating design of sapphires and diamonds around a central Akoya cultured pearl. Today Mikimoto looks to this geometric style for the “Yaguruma” jewellery collection, as well as the interior design for their worldwide stores that includes that of the latest boutique in The Dubai Mall.


Yaguruma pendant, approximately Dhs 21,550, Mikimoto

Jewels from Mikimoto feature the beautiful pearls that the brand is famous for, since founder and “The Pearl King” Kokichi Mikimoto first successfully created cultured pearls in 1893. Today the jewellery house still produces pearls cultivated by the same technique he invented, including Japanese Akoya pearls, Tahitian black pearls, and South Sea pearls from Australia, Indonesia and The Philippines.


Mikimoto collections available at The Dubai Mall boutique feature beautiful cultured pearls blended with diamonds

These are mounted within fine jewellery designs with a blend of diamonds and coloured gems, with collections now available at the Dubai Mall boutique.